A (sort of) Super Sunday


Today, Super Bowl Sunday, was a bit confusing for our ‘lil Burghers. Neither ‘lil Miss A or ‘lil Man understand why our Steelers aren’t in the Super Bowl. Kids, we know it is confusing, but don’t hate us for saying it just wasn’t our year. You’ll understand one day. For now, celebrate for Uncle Rob’s Giants, ok?


In other news, today was a good, lazy day. Mr. Burgher, ‘lil Man,  and I slept in a bit (A was off enjoying a weekend with Pappy and Grammie, the ‘lil suck up!). When we woke, I got my lunch packed for tomorrow and we worked on organizing the kitchen. Before we knew it, it was time to whip up some cinnamon rolls and Buffalo Chicken Dip and get to our family Valentine’s Day gathering. (Blog fodder for another day this week!)

About halfway through the event, I got incredibly tired. We stayed up until almost 4 working on our cards, so I wanted to nap. Luckily, the kids and Mr. Burgher agreed, so we came home to nap in the early evening (perhaps a mistake) and then caught up with the Super Bowl. This is what confused the kids…why are we awake and not watching our Steelers? Both are snoozing away again (we have really good sleepers) and us adults are about to join in the Zzzz’s. (We’ll be off dreaming about the day we can afford the Acura NSX.

How did you spend this Super Sunday?