Winter Blue(berrie)s

Last week, Evan was scrolling through photos on the iPad and he came across the ones Greg took of our summer garden. He tried to pick the blueberries off the screen, and got just a ‘lil mad when it didn’t work as he expected.

“Mama, I want my berries! I miss them!” He was NOT happy that his blueberry bush was not delivering fresh fruit in the winter.

IMG_8762 (Copy)

Evan is not alone. I’ve definitely got the winter blues when it comes to my food intake. I am missing the fresh veggies and fruits of the summer and fall. Canned goods and frozen foods just aren’t giving me “enough”, and the ones I’m buying at the grocery store aren’t lasting (because we’re literally fighting over who gets what of the foods — it’s like fresh food rations before we get back to the store). And let’s face it, fresh foods aren’t as bountiful, amazing, or cheap as they are in the summer.

We’re definitely looking forward to what the garden will look like next year. At first, we thought about scaling back. When it comes down to it, all four of us (plus the ants and birds that get to the food first) are loving the peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, and grapes that our yard is bringing us in the summer. I’m totally fighting for snap peas, cucumbers, and onions to make the list next year.

Are you having the winter blues when it comes to fresh food, too? Dream with us.


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The Evil Hornworm

For a good 12 minutes, Greg and I stared at the green caterpillar with a slight J to his end. Not really knowing my bugs, I totally trusted Greg that it was a monarch butterfly in the making there on our cherry tomato plant. So much so that I trekked multiple times to get photos of it with my phone before Greg grabbed the big kid camera.

I posted this photo on Instagram, calling him a friend. We headed to the pool for an hour and dint think about him much longer.

Hornworm on Tomato

As I dried off, I happened to check Facebook and saw my Mother-In-Law had some good advice:


Oh shoot. I yelled out to Greg who of course had to come inside and research it himself before he killed the thing. Nope, he wasted a few precious moment in our tomatoes’ existence. That bugger was a Tomato Hornworm. No friend to our tomatoes or peppers. The ‘lil brat had to die a hard death in soapy water, just like we kill the StinkBugs.

Lesson learned, if you see this guy, kill him dead.