You will always be my ‘lil Miss A, but you are turning into quite the big kid. Carrying you upstairs is becoming increasingly difficult because you are getting so tall. Your hair is getting so long (it feels like yesterday we worried you’d be bald for life). And your smarts? Well, let’s just say you scare me with how much you know.

In the past year, Daddy and I have watched you grow so much. You took your first ride on the Jack Rabbit (something Mama has never done). You help out with ‘lil Man every day. You are learning to buckle your carseat.

You bring so much love and laughter to this family, and really keep us on our toes. Believe Aunt Wink or not, you really are a ‘lil Becky.

Turning four is the move from a toddler to a big girl. Next thing we know, you’ll be going for sleepovers with friends and asking to borrow the keys to the car (too soon!). For now, we’ll cherish every moment of you being four, starting with your Pirate Princess birthday celebration.

We love you lots and can’t wait to see what joys FOUR brings to our world.


(Photo by Michelle)