Evan Rolls Over

Today, while getting ready to take a nap, little mister Evan decided to try something new. He was laying on his tummy and rolled over to his back! This is something he’s been trying to do for a few days now (ever since the doctor asked if he could, it’s like he knew he was supposed to be somewhere along that development line and he faced a challenge to do it), so it’s awesome to see that he’s finally taken it the whole way! When Greg realized what had happened, E looked up at him like, “What? Yep, I did that.” Taking after his sister already, awesome. 😉

Once he starts doing this more on the regular, we’ll have to capture a video so you can see it too. What a great start to the weekend!

What a Difference a Year Makes!

A year ago today, Mr. Burgher and I had a hunch that something was up with me. I had been sick and couldn’t really shake it. I just felt “off”. We took a test, and wow, what a great surprise. Our lives changed forever, because at that moment, three became four. What a difference a year makes, and Happy 4 Months, Baby Evan!

It was positive, Ari was going to be a big sister!

Our family, pre-baby Evan, the day we found out we were expecting. 4/17/10