The First Time #BlogDare

On October 8, 2008, I was handed that bundle of joy and expected to know what in the world to do with her. I was a first time (single) mom.

I had spent months worrying about making sure everything was “just right”–were the crib slats close enough together and the changing table sturdy enough? They say nothing can really prepare you for being a parent, but I think with this one, I got lucky. Aside from her milk allergy and RSV at 2 months, she really was a good baby. My parents were there for the first two weeks, but after that, Mallory, A, and I were on our own. We made it, testing out the waters with a newborn.

Being a first time mom was not at all a scary feeling for me. I had decided to keep my child because I fell in love with her even before I knew what she’d be like. Having A gave me a purpose, a focus, a reason. She was truly my everything. We grew together, learning about the world and love. We fell in love with Mr. Burgher (she did first–blame her!) and renewed our love for Pittsburgh together. Being a first time mom was actually an amazing experience for me–one I’ll never regret.

This post was part of the Bloggy Mom’s Blog Dare.

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