Arianna’s Last Day of First Grade

Confession Time. While all of you with it parents were posting photos of the first day of school, I’ve been carrying the weight that I never posted Arianna’s last day of First Grade photo. Because who has time to get photos of their nice camera anyways?

Baby girl, Mama is sorry life gets so busy. You did amazing in First Grade and we already see great things happening in second. Love you lots, girl! xoxo


Arianna: First Grade

I’ve been putting off the Arianna First Grade first day post for five days now.

Seriously, I’m not even sure how she is a first grader already.

Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was anxiously awaiting her arrival? No? Then it must have been her taking her first steps? Pre-school? Kindergarten?





Crap. We have a first grader who has grown up way too fast.




Arianna is attending the same elementary school she did since Thanksgiving last year / moving into our new house.




She’ll be in the Class of 2027. I can’t even believe it – that seems so soon! Her first days of first grade were simply awesome…especially following her summer-long countdown until this day arrived.




Happy first day of first grade, Arianna!