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Firehouse Subs Bringing Aid to Oklahoma

Are you sitting on your couch flipping your eyes between your Twitter feed refreshing your OKC search and your TV tuned to The Weather Channel? (Sorry if you have grand illusions of me out partying on a Friday night, I am an old soul.) The destruction hitting Oklahoma (as well as Missouri and Illinois) tonight just adds to the impact of the tornado in Moore two weeks ago. In an interesting timing silo, I was e-mailed about how Firehouse Subs is bringing aid to Oklahoma. keep reading

Firehouse Subs: #FeedTheFire

It’s been quite a few years since Greg or I had Firehouse Subs, so when the opportunity to not only go and try them out but to meet co-founder Robin Sorenson, came up, I quickly signed us up.  Myself, two other bloggers, and a rep from WPXI got to sample subs, the Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine, and hear about what makes Firehouse Subs different from other sandwich places. The night began with a “Welcome to Firehouse!” by all the employees–one of the touches that sets them apart, adhering to one of their three mission statement credos–heartfelt service. Robin and his brother (and co-founder) Chris learned about service watching their parents as they grew up. (I hope my kids are learning this!) Our first stop was to quench our thirst at the Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine, selecting from the 120+ options it has to offer. (The technology behind this is really cool–there is no syrup involved, it’s incredible how one machine can offer so much.) We even got to hear about the signature Cherry Limeaid (if you get it, be sure to add in limes, that’s the way you are supposed to enjoy it) from Robin’s brother-in-law (it was clear from the start that the business is about family and balance–win!). I enjoyed this drink, but do hope they release a light or diet version–my non-sugar body was quite hyped up for a few hours after. keep reading