A New Dining Experience

Disclaimer–this post is a personal experience review of a restaurant and is not a paid or prompted advertisement…just my personal thoughts and recommendations!

One of the things I like most about going away on vacation is trying new things. We were tandem driving to Virginia with my parents on a Sunday afternoon and left the dinner choice up to them as to where we would eat dinner. They told us to get off in Woodbridge, Virginia and meet them at a place called Zoes Kitchen. We stepped inside the “fast casual” restaurant and took a peak at the menu board while my parents used the restroom. I wasn’t really sure it was a place they’d love–the dishes didn’t offer our typical “meat and potatoes” options–but we decided to stick around and give it a shot.

The first thing I always do is worry about what ‘lil Miss A and her peanut/milk allergy will allow her to eat. The menu led me straight to a “roll up” which was basically a chicken taco and I’d ask for no cheese. Easy enough!

Next, I worried about my not so exotic palate husband, but he was pretty excited about some of the options on the menu, so I started to decide what I might want. Frankly, I wanted it all. Our eating habits as of late have sort of changed as we are trying to make healthier choices, and I was pretty excited about the “Mediterranean-inspired” vegetable rich dishes. While I was struggling with narrowing down my ideas, my parents had decided what they wanted.

I asked Mr. Burgher about what he would do–I was torn between the Spinach Roll-ups with Chicken and the Veggie Kabobs (following an AMAZING experience with a portobello mushroom at Carraba’s in Denver). He threw a loop in my choices by telling me he was between the Spinach Roll-Ups and the Chicken Pita Pizza (which came with a side Greek salad–yay, veggies!). I read the description and knew I’d love the pizza, too. Our decision ended up being to split the pizza and roll-ups and get Fresh Squeezed Limeade to drink.

Can I just say that this food was amazing? For the fast-casual atmosphere and being an un-ordinary choice for us, I was VERY pleased. Part of me worried that we might be hungry before we went to bed, but that wasn’t a problem. ‘lil Miss A loved her roll-up, especially getting to dip it in her sauce. The spinach in our roll-ups was tasty and perfectly complimented by the chicken and feta. The pizza? Something I am going to make at home (but know for darn sure I won’t be able to completely recreate the amazingness)! My mom also got the roll-ups and my dad’s turkey sandwich with slaw hit the spot, too. As for the limeaide, I really wish I had been able to get a refill (but I don’t like to drink too much while on the road).

The only thing that I regret about this stop is that I didn’t allow myself to indulge in a house-baked chocolate chip cookie (but I felt like it would negate the goodness that I was eating at the time). Oh, and that there isn’t a location closer to us! Definitely will stop back next time I get a chance.