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Hard Times

IMG_9905 (Copy)

Back when I was a kid, I remember 25 cents filling up my mom’s hands with corn at Farmer’s Inn. These are apparently some hard times–the corn above is all that came out of the machine on our last visit. Poor goats.

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A Boy and His Grammie

Our loving ‘lil man and his Grammie share a moment looking at the animals. Farmers Inn was a special place I had with my grandparents, and now the kids have that, too. It’s incredible watching the kids grow, learn, and love…and they are so lucky to have four amazing grandparents to help us out. keep reading

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Eat My Shorts

While it’s not the exact same as I remember it, the kids really enjoyed our recent trip to The Farmers Inn in Sigel (near Clear Creek and Cooks Forest State Parks). This ‘lil fella was the only interactive animal, but only because he escaped. He tried to eat all of our shorts, but especially liked the butterflies on ‘lil Miss A’s. keep reading

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