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This morning, I had a gut check with Greg about us. He has no idea that is what it was, but it confirmed his unconditional love and acceptance of me. We’ve been hearing about Me to We, ways to strengthen our marriages as … Continue reading

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Give In, You Need a Van

Four kids. Two dogs. A family that travels. It was obvious quickly that we needed to upgrade our transportation. Give in, you need a van mama. Now, not every family with twins needs a van. We did perfectly fine when … Continue reading

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Waves of Life

Taking a ‘lil break today to find some peace in the ups and downs of life. Somedays, we ride the high tide, others the low. There are always going to be waves in this life. It’s how we handle them … Continue reading

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Our Team

It’s hard to write when you have so many things to say, but can’t even say them in your head let alone out loud. I’ll admit, the blog, especially memories with the kids, has suffered as of recent. Hopefully soon … Continue reading

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Our Weekend in Photos

This has been a stellar weekend, starting on Thursday and forgetting the fact that I went to work on Friday (and accomplished a lot in a quiet office). Here is our weekend, in photos. Hope you all enjoyed this beautiful … Continue reading

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The past few weeks, Greg has been cooking up an amazing surprise for my 30th and my Mom’s 60th birthdays. Let me just tell you, he did amazing. A group of my family and friends was able to join us … Continue reading

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Semi-Wordless Wednesday: My World Today

Greg and I have been under the weather, but our ‘lil world sure makes things a bit better.

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He’s in Her Pocket

This looks to me like the moment A and Uncle By bonded While shopping last night, A brought tears to my eyes. Sometimes the kid really creeps me out because she remembers things in such fine detail  and has made … Continue reading

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Taking Time

When traffic, construction, and God have other plans, you make the best of it. You enjoy the scenery, rock laiden mountains, West Virginia wildflowers, gaping vallies created by rivers. And you get photo bombed by your other two favorites.

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White Again

“Mama, can you go back in the machine and turn white again?” And so began the questions about why she looks different from the rest of our ‘lil family (at least temporarily). I’ll admit, I had just come out of … Continue reading

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