This morning, I had a gut check with Greg about us. He has no idea that is what it was, but it confirmed his unconditional love and acceptance of me.

We’ve been hearing about Me to We, ways to strengthen our marriages as to honor God, at church. Every week, a new focus and lesson finds us pulling closer together. Maybe that’s why this moment this morning worked like it did.

I needed to talk right that moment because something was bothering me in between pangs of pain from a toothache. This something could turn quickly into big thing that really could have an impact on our family (in a way I do not want) and if I didn’t talk to someone it was going to end in an anxiety attack. Thank goodness I was working from home. The problem for most people is that my husband was not really available in a place many would dare venture, but I barged in and sat on the side of the tub and let my tears and fears flow.

He put down the phone and listened, unconditionally. Easing my fears, making me feel worthy of his attention, his eyes connected with mine. He didn’t offer his tips for resolution any further than giving me a sense of sanity in my situation.

In that moment, Greg filled my cup and made me remember why I fell in love with and married him, why I’ll be staying with him forever. His love for me and my imperfections is unconditional.

While we may not always see eye to eye // don’t fit society’s typical marriage dynamic // cheered against in each other in a basketball game this afternoon // are not built the same // aren’t wired the same … we are just right for each other.

In a world where women are making a real difference and vying to be equal, I want to encourage you that finding a oneness with your life partner is also important to this balance, too. My mother-in-law shared how a bird’s wings (man and woman) must be equal to soar – and it’s so true, thus why I work to be the best part of our pair of wings that I can be.

Me & Greg – soaring as one at the Aviary’s Condor Court

Interested in a study on relationships? We highly recommend “Relatable” (affiliate links help us and our nest!).

Give In, You Need a Van

Four kids. Two dogs. A family that travels. It was obvious quickly that we needed to upgrade our transportation. Give in, you need a van mama.

Now, not every family with twins needs a van. We did perfectly fine when we needed to run places just me, Greg, and the babies. But add in either of the kids and there was just no way the Avenger was going to work.

It all started with a simple trip to the bank to get the balance of our last payment on the Durango. I was handed an ad and the rest is history. A trip to Enterprise Car Sales, four days, and tons of tears (because I’m a REAL MOM NOW) later, we were proud owners of a van.

Greg’s stoked about it. I mean, I give him credit. The van is really cool. It’s got bells and whistles and will get us all the places we need to go and more. It’s grown on me a whole lot.

But any time a parent has to tell themselves give in, you need a van, it’s not the easiest transition. I’ll get there…and every trip we make with all four kids gets me there. Because as a twin mom, having the babies semi-permanently in the middle and the big kids able to get themselves in their back seat is a huge blessing.

And that is a round-about #TwinTipTuesday!

Our Team

It’s hard to write when you have so many things to say, but can’t even say them in your head let alone out loud. I’ll admit, the blog, especially memories with the kids, has suffered as of recent. Hopefully soon I’ll have my groove back. This past month has been a tough one on many levels for this mama, but the team that’s been behind me has made it way easier than I realized going through it.

They cheered me on as I ran my fastest official 5k, joined me for my fastest miles and long runs.

They made me giggle on the playground.

They dealt with me spending long hours at work.

They were maybe all too willing to be okay when dinner had to come from Wendy’s kitchen and not ours.

They helped forge relationships with the neighbors.

They amazed me with their smarts.

They joined me on a 13 hour car ride (that should have taken 11) filled with laughs, amazing guacamole, and memory lane.

They understood when I needed “me” time at the beach house.

They gave me hugs and kisses, including extras, at just the right moments.

They didn’t ask questions when they saw my tears.

They always said “I love you”, even when I wasn’t the easiest to love.

They brought me ocean treasures.

They made me watch kid shows and tune out social media, books, and emails.

They were my team, giving me exactly what I needed at exactly the right time.

I’m lucky to have such an amazing team behind me, each of us playing an important part in making each other who we are. Thanks, team, for being my everything.

Our Weekend in Photos

This has been a stellar weekend, starting on Thursday and forgetting the fact that I went to work on Friday (and accomplished a lot in a quiet office). Here is our weekend, in photos. Hope you all enjoyed this beautiful holiday weekend.

Celebrating 6 and 3 with Kayla and Rachel
IMG_9626 (Copy)

Riding in the Wagon
IMG_9545 (Copy)

Loving America
IMG_9678 (Copy)

Fireworks courtesy of Ryan
IMG_9722 (Copy)

Extra Snuggles with Grammie
IMG_9752 (Copy)

Late Night at the Drive In

Feeding Goats
IMG_9893 (Copy)

Sitting in a big chair
IMG_0008 (Copy)

Dipping in the Creek
DSCN6776 (Copy)

Watching a spectacular lightning show by a food-filled camp fire
DSCN6831 (Copy)


No wonder we slept in until almost 1:00 this afternoon! 


The past few weeks, Greg has been cooking up an amazing surprise for my 30th and my Mom’s 60th birthdays. Let me just tell you, he did amazing. A group of my family and friends was able to join us at Paint Monkey to paint a premiere summery/beach painting inspired by Greg’s ideas and things I love. My heart was full. My belly was full of delicious cake from Megan of Dozen Bakeshop (Red Velvet–and even black fondant–she is AWESOME). It was a great time (and you can see more of the photos here or on Paint Monkey’s Facebook!).

IMG_7716 (Copy)

IMG_7741 (Copy)

IMG_7730 (Copy)
(How AWESOME is Jack’s custom work?)

IMG_7738 (Copy)

IMG_7705 (Copy)

IMG_7720 (Copy)

(PS, Happy Birthday, Mom!!!)

He’s in Her Pocket

Kansas Trip 2012

This looks to me like the moment A and Uncle By bonded

While shopping last night, A brought tears to my eyes. Sometimes the kid really creeps me out because she remembers things in such fine detail  and has made some “vision” statements that show me she’s got a gift, so I was a bit nervous about the things she was talking about tonight. However, I want to share them because they are too precious to push aside. If you are family, you might want to pull the Kleenex a ‘lil closer for this one.

+ + +

I made a daring move while in the Target dressing room. With a 6 item limit and 12 items to try on, I was stumped as to how on earth I was going to manage carrying a sorta sleepy ‘lil Man (and his Baby) back to the cart only to “oh, gotcha!” drag him back to the fitting room for 6 more items. It was pretty quiet in the store, given the time of night, and there were security cameras all over the fitting room exit. I gave A instructions to lock the door behind me, gave her a code word that I’d use to have her unlock it, and I dashed with ninja speed to drop my no’s, cart my yes’es and maybe’s and grab the 6 remaining goods.

Luckily, no one else was in the fitting room and the associate had my back. I also didn’t need the code word because A was “tap dancing” so hard I could see glitter coming off her new shoes  I simply had to ask, “What in the world are you doing in there?” and she knew it was me. Mama tone does that to a ‘lil one, you know?

“I am dancing for Uncle By. He’s in here watching me and ‘lil Man while you went to get your clothes.” I stopped dead in my tracks, my heart raced. “Mama, he had a boo boo, but he needed to see me, so now it’s all ok. He’s going to stay here and sit with me for a few minutes, I can put him in my pocket when we get up.” I grabbed my phone–no voice mails, no texts. A quick look at Facebook told me everything must be ok.

“Did Jesus come talk to you, too, or what?” I asked.

“No, Uncle By is fine, he just comes to visit me ’cause I love him so much,” she replied.

Well, that explained it, I guess. I asked if it was ok for me to dress, and she told me he was gone now that I was back and to proceed as planned.

Later, as I organized our drive-thru dinner for the ride home, she informed me he was back, sitting in the (empty) front seat to make sure I drove her home ok since it was dark and people don’t know how to drive around there. Well, then. (How does one drive home after she talks like that? Say a prayer for angels, cut the music up, and be extra cautious.)

As you can tell, nothing happened to us on our way home, and apparently Uncle By trusted my driving enough to go back to Kansas somewhere along the drive home. I love that A has made such a strong bond in such a short time and made Uncle By one of her “imaginary” friends. It’s precious, and a comfort that this kid is going to handle some tough stuff that is bound to come her way with aging family in a very grown-up way. Hopefully, others can find her love a strength, too.

White Again

“Mama, can you go back in the machine and turn white again?”

And so began the questions about why she looks different from the rest of our ‘lil family (at least temporarily). I’ll admit, I had just come out of a spray tan machine, preparing my skin for so I don’t look like I’ve spent years inside (even though that’s true, too). This temporary change had my ‘lil girl in a fluster.

She continued, “You need to turn white again because now you look like Bubby and Daddy and I am alone. If you won’t go in the machine and turn white, can I go in and turn brown, too? Did Daddy and Bubby get brown from the machine?”

Admittedly, we are not prepared for the questions that are sure to come. She looks different from her brother, and is starting to realize it. This will be a minor, temporary questioning phase as I am sure to go back to being Twilight-white with her soon, but it still pains me to know my ‘lil girl is confused by the color of her skin. The day will come, however, when she wants to, needs to know why she looks different from ‘lil Man, but this is not the time. She may never fully understand her story, but three is not the age to begin to explain it. The day will come.

For now, I’ll continue to field questions from her about why I am brown for a little while and keep reassuring her that white is alright, too. At least she still loves me, even if I turned a ‘lil brown.


This is probably one of my favorite shots with her, she’s too fun!