The ‘lil Burghers Family Photo

It is my dream to one day have a family photo where we are all smiling, looking at the camera, hair in place, and no one blinking.

Thinking it would be cute to attempt a family photo while we were on vacation last month, I took our tripod and some coordinating clothes. We headed down to the Riverwalk in Conway on the brightest, hottest day of our trip. I hoped I could put some of my learning to use and snap a good photo using the timer (since my remote does not work, fail!).

After about 30 outtakes, we got a decent one of Greg, ‘lil Man, and me; however, ‘lil Miss A is not really looking so much as squinting. This photo is my Facebook cover photo, so it works, but is nowhere near perfect (including some focus issues as someone (me) moved. Oh well.

Instead of sharing that photo with you here on the blog, I thought it would be funny to share my favorite of the outtakes–the real ‘lil Burghers in all our glory. Hopefully this fall we’ll have some cute family photos to share–I’ve put out the challenge to (the best) ‘Burgh photographer as well as a friend in SC to try another River Walk photo. Until then, here you go…

Some Words

As the mother of a three year old and a baby, I’ve learned that some family photos are just not going to be “perfect”. (Case in point, this photo.)

What were Mr. Burgher and Grammie laughing at? Well, since ‘lil Miss A is allergic to dairy, they said “Bacon!” instead of cheese. What do you know? ‘lil Man decided to join in, saying it loud and clear, “Bacon”!!!

It’s amazing how ‘lil Man was so dependent on his Mama for so long, yet he still cannot say “Mama”! Yet, when I snapped this photo, he definitely said “Bacon!”. What gives?