Fall Foods From Frieda’s

This fall, I introduced my family to a few new foods from Frieda’s Produce. Most of them were brand new to us, so you have to imagine that I had to do some research after opening the box and seeing this beautiful fall bounty of produce.

Frieda’s Produce offers “some really interesting non-traditional fruits and vegetables that can turn one’s holiday table into a conversation piece.” I have to say, that sure was try with the produce we sampled enjoyed. 😉

First, we went for something we knew, Cortland Apples. To be honest, at first bite, I knew these weren’t something to share with the kids. I know. I am a cruel mother not letting my kids have apples. Yup. They might be ‘lil foodies in the making, but they really wouldn’t appreciate how juicy, sweet, and amazing these apples are. Good thing we knew to serve them as cold as we could, bad thing is that we didn’t save them up and bake something with them.

Delicious Cortland Apples, best served cold!

Next up was something I had seen, but had no idea what to do with. A Buddha’s Hand which I’ll let the foodies at Frieda’s explain to you:

“Inside the fruit there is little to no flesh or juice — it’s all rind and pith. For this reason, Buddha’s Hand isn’t really for “eating,” although the rind can be candied or used in baking and other recipes. Buddha’s Hand Citron is also a nice ingredient for infusing into liqueurs and other spirits.”

The smell is amazing, and they made for quite the “spooky” conversation piece on the island. These should be stored room temperature which we didn’t realize until it had been in the fridge for an evening, but it didn’t seem to hurt it. Arianna and I sampled a “finger” of the hand but I can’t say we love the fruit. Candying or using in liquor would probably be the better bet.

The pack of sunchokes weren’t all that unfamiliar, and there are tons of things that could be done with them. Bonus, “The natural fiber found in Sunchokes® is considered a “pre-biotic,” which helps good bacteria grow in the digestive tract.” These are like artichokes, but come from the edible part of the roots of a sunflower! You can eat them raw or cooked, and Frieda’s has so many recipes to chose from that I really couldn’t pick just one to share with you (I trust you’ll go look at their site!).

We’ll be using Pine Nuts in pesto and sauces this winter. They added a nutty flavor and are a good for you fat. Frieda’s suggests, “Lightly toast in a dry skillet to enhance flavor before adding to pastas, salads and sauces. Place in a food processor with olive oil, fresh basil, garlic and Parmesan for a traditional pesto sauce. You can even use Pine Nuts in cakes and cookies!”

Since I don’t do pasta too often, another thing I like is that you can freeze the pine nuts. Any produce that can be extended past a week of shelf-life is a winner in this busy mom’s book.

Finally, we got a pack of crepes. Ah, the temptation! The deliciousness! But, before I set them at room temperature to prep for some breakfast with strawberries and syrup, I realized there was a recipe for chicken salad on the back that sounded (and tasted) absolutely amazing. I know, I just broke your minds letting you know that crepes aren’t just for desserts. Trust me on this one, you’ll be happy.

If I’ve got your stomach growling (how is it not?) I suggest you head over to http://www.friedas.com and see all of the deliciousness they have to offer (like purple sweet potatoes, oh my goodness!). You can also follow them on Twitter (@friedasproduce) and Like them on Facebook. But if you’re really hungry, go out to your local Giant Eagle and look for Frieda’s fall bounty of foods in the produce department. You won’t be sorry.

Disclaimer: Frieda’s provided me produce to try and review, they also suggested that I could get their goods locally at Giant Eagle. All opinions are 100% my own.