If I Had an Extra Four Hours…

After writing my last post, a WordPress prompt caught my eye. Oh, what I would do if I had an extra four hours!

* We would have a clean kitchen (atleast it’s just “stuff” and extra food that needs to go to the pantry or stockpile and not perishables or dirty dishes).

* The guest room would be reclaimed and Mr. Burgher and I would share my scrap room for “office” stuff like couponing. (Sigh.)

* The bills would be organized be category. (I try to do this every three months or so.)

* I would catch up with my friends (several of you I owe long phone calls)!

* I would clean out my closet and get the winter stuff to the surface (::sniff::).

* I would sleep off this horrible case of the blah’s I’ve had since the weather started getting cooler.

Comment or link up! What would YOU do with an extra four hours?