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Wordless Wednesday: Our Easter Slideshow

(In addition to the photos below, check out our Easter album on Flickr!)

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, all!

While I’d love to share cute photos of the kids and the Easter Bunny, I have to tell you, Miss A is incredibly afraid of costumed characters (hence our family photo with Santa). That, and as of scheduling time, we haven’t captured any spring, egg, or bunny moments. keep reading

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Preparing for Easter

Good afternoon! After a much need release of some stress last night, I woke up energized and ready to prepare for tomorrow, Easter! (By the way, I am so glad I can admit my faults and let you know that life is not always smooth ’round here!)

Ideally, I would have taken A to an Easter Egg hunt, but we decided the town hunts were probably too crowded (she gets really clingy in big groups) and she decided to spend the night at my parents’ house (spoiled cutie). That means today we’ve been extremely lazy. I had a wonderful conversation with a ::ahem:: favorite* ::ahem:: aunt and snuggles in bed with Evan and Greg. We put up some dishes and cleared the snacks off the island in prep for lunch here tomorrow. And, I got an idea up my butt. keep reading

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