Tech Tuesday: DVR

My kids will never know the glory of “Be Kind, Rewind”, so I considered talking about the DVR as a quick Tech Tuesday feature.

Being able to record live television is a pretty nice convenience. When I am working evenings or when sports conflict with other programming, we love to go to our DVR to record the shows we want to watch.

It might sound simple, but this technology has come in handy quite often for our busy family. Take for instance last night when the Pirates for their first playoff berth in 20 years. I was at a work event, and Evan was full of tantrum fun at bedtime. With DVR, we were able to fast forward through commercial breaks and catch up with the action in time to be live with the rest of the city as we watched our team clinch a seed. Better yet, we got to Rewind and listen to the Jordy Mercer laugh over and over.

Kids,  you are lucky to have this digital technology in your lives and not have to know about yards of tangled vhs tape and taping over other shows or family memories. DVR will likely change by the time you have kids, but when you get the equivalent of How I Met Your Mother and a playoff clincher conflict mod child tantrum, you will be glad to have this technology. Trust me.