Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ (love)

Imagine. It’s a hot summer day and you have flat hair that doesn’t like to go anywhere. Welcome to my every day. With flat hair, I often suffer from what looks like I didn’t do anything to my hair by 8:30 AM. The truth is usually quite the opposite. Now, on mornings when I take the time and care to do something, my flat hair goes bye bye because I’ve got Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+  Dust It.

 Disclaimer: Before I go any farther, know that I received a product as part of a campaign with Influenster for testing and review, but all opinions (and previously flat hair) are 100% my own.

OSiS+ Dust It

Dust It came in a teensy red bottle packed with a punch for my tresses. I simply shake a little bit on my dry roots, swipe it through my hair, and immediately have poof, volume, perhaps even a bit of bed head. Frankly, I love how this product works in my hair.

I shouldn’t be surprised that a ‘lil bit of powder goes a long way and that this product works. Schwarzkopf is a professional line, so this product should work well like this. And if you’re not convinced that you could get out of your style rut with some OSiS Dust It, then check out the Apassionforhair YouTube channel with plenty more reasons to believe me.

Honestly, this is a product that I should use every day, but I am scared to run out quickly. This is a great texturizing powder, and worth every penny. Beyond giving texture, it also has matifying power, so it extends hair by making it look cleaner for longer.

You see, it puffs up my hair quickly and stays with me through the day. In this photo, I quickly tossed some in my hair and Greg took a picture moments later. It looks like bed-head, but it’s just my new level of volume.

My 'do from OSiS+ Dust It

If your flat hair needs some help, or if you’d like to do some awesome things with your already incredible hair, go pick yourself up some OSiS+ Dust It and try it for yourself.