Myrtle Beach 2011 Day One

Our first day of vacation was supposed to bring us a quick/direct flight, but as you know, that didn’t happen. Instead, we set out from the Pittsburgh Airport through the mountains of West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina until we hit the back roads of South Carolina. The kids did amazing, and were great examples for stressed out Mama and Daddy.

First, ‘Lil Miss A had to make sure she had Dollie with her.

We got gas and hydration because, well, it was a hot one.

Please notice, the blue case is Ms. Nikon–she has sass and works when she wants to. She was in an easy to reach spot versus Mr. Canon who was packed safely away in his backpack case. Forgive her for the blur.

There was a beautiful white cloud in the mountains that made all of us stare in wonder of the beauty of the earth.

Soon, Mama and Daddy forgot about the beauty of the earth and Mama may’ve nagged a bit about Daddy’s speed (we made it “door to door” in 10 hours, ::ahem::). ‘Lil Miss A reminded us to be nice to each other, and gave a ‘Lil Sass as she did.

As we crossed into Virginia, there was an incredible fog area, which didn’t really lift until we were into the night.

Close to North Carolina, the fog gave way into a storm cloud, and Mr. Burgher drove through some crazy rain for about an hour.

While the kids snoozed in the back, Mr. Burgher and I enjoyed some old school jams (thanks to keeping my old road trip CDs in the truck), but unfortunately, we had no Lee Brice with us, so I was a little pouty until we crossed into South Carolina. As we crossed that line and drove a little ways on my old “favorite” road, Highway 9, our spirits lifted. We cruised into Conway just after 2 and were greeted by our family. Bedtime came fast, and we were glad to finally rest our eyes for a few hours before the relaxing could begin.