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October: Standing for Her

I was given some information on Pittsburgh’s Center for Victims to help raise awareness of domestic violence and what we can do to help victims. October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This post is not sponsored, but brought to from the bottom of my heart.  keep reading

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Her Name Was Ka’Sandra Wade #RememberHerName

We – the members of The Pittsburgh Women’s Blogging Socity – are saddened and outraged and fed up that yet another one of our sisters in Pitttsburgh has lost her life to domestic violence. 33 year old Ka’Sandra Wade – mother, employee, daughter, student and so much more – was murdered by her ex who was also the father of her 7 year old son, Zaire. The situation is complicated and tragic and has generated an outcry from the community to push for better investigation of domestic violence allegations, stronger laws to protect women and more awareness on the part of the community. keep reading

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We All Have Our Crazy

We all have some version of crazy in us, trust me.

My crazy is my loyalty. I will be loyal to the end, no matter how evil people can be to me. Case in point, my life in 2006-2008. I moved to South Carolina with my then boyfriend and I thought things would be peachy for the rest of my life. keep reading

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