Smooches Dog Treats

Disclaimer: For this post, I was sent product in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% my own.

On Christmas morning, Shadow and Rowdy were giddy to open their stocking. Inside, they each had a new dog leash and a box of treats. They’d been sniffing up the stocking all night, but I made them be patient as if they were kids. The box of treats was a healthy snack, Smooches.

Smooches Dog Treats
Chicken & Cranberry Smooches

From The Honest KitchenSmooches are a treat that I feel good about giving my dogs. At 2.3 calories each, the treats are filled with ingredients that are good for them – barley flour, chicken, molasses, egg – and things we humans technically could eat. So that means I’m not filling my pups with things I can’t pronounce or consume myself. Yum (for them)!

The treats we got to try out were the Smooches Chicken and Cranberry Recipe – perfect for a holiday “dinner” dessert. All of the treats in this line are not only 100% natural, but they are also handmade. How gorgeous are these ‘lil hearts?

Smooches Dog Treats

Rowdy and Shadow didn’t so much care about the fact they were cute. Arianna could barely keep them in her hand before “Poof!”, they were gone. The dogs give these treats two paws up!

Smooches Dog Treats


Since I obviously am not going to try the treats myself,  I have to take the fact that they kept sniffing the box out and begging for more as a good sign. As their owner, I love that they:

  • Are 100% natural
  • Don’t leave an “oil” or smell on your hands at handling
  • Are made with love (each treat is handmade)
  • Can be shipped to my house

The treats are $7.83 for an 8 ounce box and $12.73 for a 16 ounce box over at There are other flavors in line such as duck & cherry, buffalo & blueberry, and catfish. Smooches to you and your pup!

Did your pups get anything exciting for the holidays? 

For the Dogs: Halo Healthsome #sponsored

My biggest complaint about having two dogs is the amount of hair they shed. Both of our “pups” have long hair, nor do they really shed for a summer or winter coat; however, hair is just always everywhere. That’s why I was very interested in seeing how Halo Healthsome might help with this issue.

Disclaimer: As part of my partnership in’s Blogger Outreach Network, I was provided a sample of Halo Healthsome for my dogs in exchange for a review. All opinions, however, are 100% my own (since I can’t ask the dogs).

If you haven’t already bounced from the site to see what Halo Healthsome is, now you’ll know. This treat line is aimed at helping pet owners address specific health concerns for their dogs (and there is a cat line, too). In my case, I wanted to see how the Skin & Coat version could help us. According to, this dog treat, made with Halo’s Dream Coat, contains botanical oils and fatty acids to aid in skin and coat health. (Other flavors are aimed at needs like vegetarian, high protein, and fiber.)


The ingredients list intrigued me–there is nothing in the list that I didn’t know what it was or how to pronounce! (Pea Flour, Potato Flour, Salmon, Tapioca Flour, Pumpkin, Salmon Oil, Tomatoes, Cranberries, Soybean Oil, Apples, Sweet Potatoes, Wheat Germ Oil, Safflower Oil, Sunflower Oil, Garlic Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Anise, Ascorbic Acid (a Source of Vitamin C).) When I read lists like this for food I consume, I get super excited for the health benefits, so to be able to pass this good stuff off to my dogs is a good feeling.

Time to admit, I do not really like to eat fish due to the smell, but I knew that acids and oils in fish products are good for human skin and hair, so I figured giving these treats to the dogs would be good, too. The first treats were given to the dogs by Greg (just in case there was a smell); however, I don’t mind touching and smelling the treats as the “fishy smell” I expected isn’t there. (The Skin & Coat treats are Wild Salmon flavored.)

If the dogs could talk, I think they’d say the liked the treats. They looked easy to chew then swallow (at least by Shadow–Rowdy tends to inhale his food, regardless of size or taste). The treats didn’t break all over the floor (even though some were broken in the bag). While they haven’t ate enough treats to show a difference in their coat and skin, I’m taking Chewy’s word for it.

We’ll probably continue to rotate Halo Healthsome Skin & Coat in the dog’s treat options, especially when they are on sale (you can get a 6 ounce bag for $5.99 normally; however, there is a special for $3.49 right now). You can get your own through and have them delivered right to your house, one more reason to give these a try!

Pork Chomps

Is it healthy to be jealous of your dogs’ treats? Because if not, I need some help. Don’t worry, I am not about to go about taste-testing treats myself. I just can’t help but be in awe of the amazing offerings Shadow and Rowdy got to test from Pork Chomps.

Disclaimer: I was sent a box of treats for my dogs to try in exchange for this review and giveaway. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own.

No, seriously. Pork Chomps offered my dogs the following treats (because they must think my pups are good dogs, let’s not tell them about the day that Shadow decided to chew on a toy boat, ahem):

  • Pork Chomps Twists (Bacon Flavor)
  • Pork Chomps Knots (Rawhide Free!)
  • Pork Chomps Strips (also Rawhide Free)
  • Sweet Potato Wrapped (shh, these smelled incredible) bone and sticks
  • a bacon wrapped “bone”
  • Earz
  • IMG_9171

    All of the choices were not too tough on my dogs’ teeth, although Shadow did tear into one of the bones a bit too hard and did experience some mild gum bleeding (I completely blame her ferocity in chewing it–a bone is meant to last not be chewed in 5 minutes, silly dog).

    I was impressed to know that these products didn’t contain rawhide (which actually, according to Pork Chomps, is hard to digest and can stay in their system for days). These products are natural and easier to digest (99% digestible), which is good news for them and us. These treats are something you can feel good about giving your pet as a reward (and as you can see, my dogs, both hyper, actually settled down for a moment to get their treats).


    Not only can you get Sweet Potato flavored treats, there are also peanut butter and pepperoni. I’d like to report that because of these delicious flavors Rowdy has stopped begging from the kids, but it’s not completely gone (although I have hope).

    You can order Pork Chomps via their website ( or at your favorite retailer. I suggest following along with them on Twitter (@porkchomps) and Facebook, too.

    Intrigued? Then enter my contest to win 2 bags of Pork Chomps from Scott Pet, Inc. Better yet? There will be two winners getting two bags each! The contest runs through July 1 at 11:59 PM.

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    About Scott Pet Inc.

    Founded in 1975, Scott Pet Inc. is a leading provider of high-quality, innovative pet products. The company’s most recent product lines, Pork Chomps™ and Premium Pork Chomps™, are chews made from expanded, baked pork skin and were created to improve the health and well-being of dogs by providing a safe alternative to rawhide chews. A recent university study showed that Pork Chomps products were 99.9% digestible and even lowered cholesterol and triglycerides in dogs. For more information about Scott Pet, please visit