10 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts (You Won’t See Me Making)

Let me be honest with you. Pinterest has me hooked and addicted, but as a mom of four, there really isn’t time to do everything I’ve been pinning. But every time I sit down squat quickly over the toilet [before one of the four starts to cry] to take a pee, I can’t help but wish I could turn my collection of empty toilet paper rolls into something more. Today I bring to you the list of 10Toilet Paper Roll Crafts (You Won’t See Me Making) except for in my dreams.


(I know a lot of you are visual learners, but give some love to the original posters and visit their links or my Pinterest Board to see what I’ve gathered. Stealing ideas is not my game.)


  1. If your kids have a zoo trip planned this summer, follow it up with making their favorite animal (60 are available on this round-up at Hative.com).
  2. In early spring, get your garden started with Burlap and Denim’s Toilet Paper Roll Seed Starters.
  3. Thrive 360 Living lists five activities kids can do with empty toilet paper rolls. My favorite of this bunch is the bowling set…because I have enough rolls I could probably make one for each of my four kids and still have leftovers to make all the other ideas listed here.
  4. My big kids like to dress up, so I’m sure they’d love to make Reading Confetti’s Super Hero Cuffs.
  5. There are plenty of fun ideas over at Kids Activities Blog, but I love the Toilet Roll Ninjas. I’d pair it with a reading of Evan’s favorite book of current, Nighttime Ninja.
  6. How about some noise for Hand Made Kids Art’s DIY Kazoo’s? Great to pair with a lesson on sound, yes?
  7. If I had been thinking, I would have used Crafts By Courtney’s idea to make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as centerpieces for Evan’s 4th birthday party. (Who am I kidding? I was so pregnant and tired from moving that I barely was able to order the cake and pizza for that day!)
  8. Arianna might not like piñatas (still), but how cute are these from Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky!? Right?
  9. The teacher in me simply adores Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and would make these trees in a heartbeat if only I had a spare one to give. (Source: Life, Crafting, and Teaching.)
  10. These Confetti Launchers from Piikea Street have to be my favorite. They are patriotic and make a mess. I just might have to bend a little and make some for 4th of July.


I know. How could I not want to make any of these after taking the time to pin them and share them with you? Maybe, just maybe, I can pull it off. And if I do, look for a follow-up post later this summer with the results. If I don’t? I’ll be asking Evan’s HeadStart teachers to please take these rolls off my hands.


What is your favorite from the list…or do you have something even more awesome we could try?