Being An Aunt–Guest Post by ‘Rin

Since I will be away for work this week, I asked family and friends to help out. Today’s post is brought to you by Greg’s youngest sister, Nurin. Thank you for helping out this week!

Being an aunt is incredible. Having these amazing little people who are your family and who you love endlessly is so much fun. They are the cutest and I get to show everybody pictures of them all the time, and it’s great.

But being an absent aunt is really hard.

It’s so hard to form a relationship when I am lucky if I get to see them once a year. And that was before I joined the Peace Corps and came to Morocco.

Watching them grow up so fast only through pictures can be sad and frustrating.

Not knowing what is going on in their lives, the milestones that they’re passing, their likes and dislikes, it is not ideal.

But thanks to the great parents they have who document so much with pictures, blogs, facebook updates, I still feel like I get a part in their lives.

So, thank you B & G for the two little miracles you’re raising, being their aunt is one of my favorite aspects of my life.

Oh, and GO HEELS! 🙂

I will never live this down…but it was worth having Nurin post!