A Trip to the Dentist

(Enter disclaimer text) Today was a trip to the dentist for five of the six of us. This will probably never happen again until the kids are older, but we survived and of course there are stories to tell.

Evan went first with his pearly whites and (no surprise) no issues. He was behaved and did well in the chair – at least we assume because he went back by himself. There was a small meltdown about an hour into the visit when he saw the toy that Arianna came out with to which he proclaimed his toy was for babies. Alas.

Isla went back with Daddy moments after Evan. She was a perfect little lady, it sounds like. She let the hygienist and dentist take a look at her teeth and do a little brushing demonstration. Later in the lobby she showed Mama how she brushes her teeth. We’re proud of baby’s first visit to the dentist!

trip to the dentist

Arianna was next. As expected, this kiddo is going to do a number on our bank account. She’ll be starting phase one of orthodontics with an expander soon. Short story – there is no space in her upper gums for her next (loose) baby tooth. Phase two is likely braces on top and bottom. She’s happy. We’re happy that there are no cavities to report.

Ava went in beside Arianna. Mama had the fun of accompanying her back for absolutely nothing. This ‘lil lady clamped her mouth shut and wouldn’t let anything happen. To avoid the risk of her hating the dentist forever, we backed down. Her ‘lil mouth stayed open for the rest of the visit while her daddy got his teeth checked out (and her older siblings placed bets on the number of cavities he’d have).

Thank goodness the dentist work is done for six months (except for Arianna’s ortho). It was a lot at once and the kids did really good considering the chaos that comes when all six of us roll into a business.

What is your strategy to get toddlers to brush their teeth? Help Ava and share your thoughts!