Mr. Defensive

Whatever you do, don’t make Mr. Defensive mad. Trust me.

This will happen:

Don't put powder in my daddy!


Evan is totally defensive of his family. I get it. He’s all boy. He loves his family. Not too much, I don’t think that’s possible. He just clings to us and doesn’t want anyone to be mad or sad. (He gets that from his Mama.)

The photo above happened when I decided to get Greg back for shaking powder all over Evan’s room, including the rocking chair. (Call his way of getting back at Arianna.) Before bedtime story, I wiped the powder off the rocking chair and decided to give Greg a handprint of powder on his brown shirt. Evan was not having this, and a tantrum ensued upon my hand hitting the shirt. Even upon waking up the next day, he reminded me that it made him (and Daddy) sad. Hmmph.

Evan is also very protective of his sister, which should be a good thing as they grow up. Every sister could use a ‘lil (or big) brother like that. Just as long as he is the only one who gets to pick on her, no one gets hurt.

I asked Greg if he’s defensive of me, too, and the answer was yes. When we squabble about being late, Evan is the first to yell at his daddy to say, “Don’t make my Mommy mad, Daddy!”.

It’s nice to have a ‘lil guy on your side, especially one that is this cute.