If We Dated


It’s been a few weeks since the kids got to spend time with my parents, so after the Fish Fry and our visit with Grandma, up to EB they went. These weekends away have allowed the kids to bond with their grandparents and given Greg and I time to learn more about each other…to date as married people.

You see, we didn’t really date before we got married. As friends, we had plenty of funny nights together. Our relationship began 6 days before I moved home to Pittsburgh, so we had to learn to love each other via the phone and internet and over three visits before he decided to put a ring on it and move up to PA. A month after his move, our wedding day was here and Arianna and I became a family of three. When the kids are away, we miss them tons, but get a chance to date.

Greg and I did not have plans, but my body was ready for a nice sleep on Friday night. After a nice sleep, I was wide awake early and needed a 6 mile walk/run/walk in, but I decided to clean the fridge and let Greg sleep so he could join me. After our run, we melted to the couch for two hours and decided we needed to make plans, something active. The answer was easy, we wanted to enjoy one more tube experience before the winter is over.

In the car we went, getting an hour drive just to talk. We talked about work and the kids, about things we want to do when we go to Las Vegas for our birthdays. It’s nice to have adult conversations without interruption once in awhile. 😉

Upon arriving at Seven Springs, we were able to register for the 6-8 tubing session. The hills were icy and boy, did we go fast! It’s a good thing we weren’t just dating…because someone decided to try to protect me from a run in with the fence and both of us ended up getting a few bruises from the miscommunicated bail and collision. If we were just dating…who knows how we would have handled that run in!

On our ride home, we got to talking about our hopes for the future–Greg’s return to work in a few years, Arianna’s schooling, the kids becoming (gasp!) teenagers. It was nice to not have to fake feelings or give the small talk that often accompanies dating.

After almost four years of marriage, it’s nice to still have moments to enjoy each other in a dating setting. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Four Years

Last night Greg and I celebrated a joyous four years of togetherness (let’s forget that one night he said he wanted to “just be friends and let’s slow down” followed by my not talking to him for 3 days, ahem). The hallowed BBQ night followed by a week of realizing I was moving away and these feelings were real.

Four years later, we are so glad we took that chance on each other and look forward to many more beautiful years together. Time sure does fly when you are in love.

(If you’re wondering where we celebrated, we took the kids to Subway…the place we first ate together as a couple. Corny, but oh so sweet.)

The last photo of us as (just) friends