Why I Write

There are days when I feel like this ‘lil blog gets more attention from me than others, some posts that are more meaty than others. Some days that I log in to check the stats/comments and see if you readers are here and interested in the things that are being posted. Some days, I just don’t care.

The reason why I write this blog is not to be popular, liked, or give you stuff (although I really love to do it, and you really seem to like the chance to get goodies). The reason why I blog is to have a memory of the things that are important to our daily lives. There may be stories of the kids, reviews of things we’ve tried, notes about our adulthood. This is a great place to jot it all down.

Kids, one day you may not want me to write (and admittedly, I will respect that), but I do hope that one day you will look back at this blog and see some of the fun we’ve had and memories we’ve made. I am glad that you are the real reason why I write.

Tonight’s post was prompted by the Bloggy Moms Blog Dare for today, “I Write For”…


Speaking of “Why I Write”, it’s evident that you all really like Mr. Burgher’s couponing skills and his posts about couponing. He promised to start posting some deals here on the blog, but as a team, we decided that the deals would be best to be discovered in other ways. We blog to journal our family thoughts, so we trust you’ll understand. Let’s just say, a ‘lil Birdie told us you should head over to the Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project‘s page and check out posts from BurghSaver! 😉

Couponing: A Challenge to You!

While I am not sure if we have inspired you with our couponing stories so far on the blog or in person, I’d like to think we have. I’d also like to put out a few challenges to you.

1. Spend at least one coupon per shopping trip. Why not? I am not asking you to become addicted, I am asking you to give it a shot. The stores still get paid and you save, even a buck or two here and there helps out.

2. Don’t throw your coupons away. If you don’t use them, find someone in your community or family or circle of friends that does. Send them our way if you must. Recycle them. Just don’t throw them away. It’s seriously throwing money away. Mr. Burgher has “made” so much money from going into the recycle bins and finding high value coupons people just discard. See #5 below for what to do with your expired, clipped coupons.

3. Use the rule of thirds. If you coupon like we do, a good rule of thumb should be the “Some for now, Some for later, some for others” karma-esque rule. Keep about 6 months “stock” (i.e. 8-12 body washes per person, tops) and donate the rest. How to donate, see the next option.

4. “Some for Others”–no one really needs an “Extreme Couponing” style stockpile, seriously. I mean, it’s nice, but I don’t believe you can fully be blessed unless you give of your time and resources (even if not monetary or objects) to others. I feel challenged to do this, and we are going to do some stock pile cleansing this weekend. ::ahem:: Earlier this week, Ginny over at That’s Church (and Mrs. ‘Ski) alerted the social media ‘sphere of Pittsburgh that “On the Spot”, an organization that provides needy girls with feminine products, needs our help. There will be an event to raise money in 2 weeks, or you can also send some extra products (they really need pads) their way. While my stock isn’t too full in this area, I am going to use my rule of thirds and see what I can give to their cause…and watch for deals on these in the future. Also, the Frugal Couponing blog has posted a challenge for this week to give in any way you can, Pay It Forward to organizations of your choice. Mr. Burgher and I really have held off our donation trip because we need to find the *right* place for us to donate–ie a Women’s Shelter or Food Bank–either way, it’s going to happen ASAP. Posts to come on both accounts.

5. What about those expired coupons? Look for a blog community service project coming your way soon from us and Oh Yeah? Roger that!. The military can use our expired coupons up to 6 months past their expiration date. Mrs. Ski and I have to get logistics together, but we’ll be collecting and shipping out expired coupons to military in Japan for starters. Keep bugging us about this if you don’t see it by the end of the month.

Can you take on one or more of the challenges above? I urge you to comment and share your stories. Link up to your blogs. Share the love on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s do good things for our communities, because you never know when you might need a little bit of help, too.