#BlogMob #ReusePgh

Last Thursday, myself and several other bloggers plus The Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project¬†converged on Construction Junction and Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse (PCCR) for #BlogMob #ReusePgh. (Find more posts on the Tote Bag’s site here!)

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I took lots of bitty notes during the event as we toured PCCR and then CJ:

CJ 11 Years ago, PCCR 2007

Donations 2 days a week, have to limit due to space.

Small staff, a lot of org is volunteer. Sort, measure, facilities, data entry, etc. Community resource to keep prices low for makers, artists, teachers.

Excess donations…part is staffing and part is marketing. No advertising budget. Adult parties/space rental.

One space CJ rents out is Computer Reach, getting computers to ppl who need them.

CJ regives helps other orgs get furniture they need. Like the college furniture. Applications online?

Church pews, college desks…card catalogs…

Big Pour annual fundraiser.

Goodwill partners who learn skills and help CJ in the warehouse and connect with the community. Buckets of reuse cost $1 and contain ideas of things to donate!

Classes to help people learn remodeling skills (like sanding!). Have a skill? Have a project you wanna learn? Send email!

Like them on Facebook and share it with your friends. No searchable inventory, look for items, call and claim! Mike Gable (exec director) wants to do a program encouraging folks to instagram doc dumpster finds, put on fb, and see what you could have done with that instead. Stuff that shouldn’t go to the trash! Don’t actually pick the stuff up. There are some Boroughs that fine you!

The Space Upstairs dance, art experiences.

There was so much to learn and take in…my only regret is that we didn’t have more time to shop ourselves! ūüėȬ†Both sites are a crafter and builders dream.¬†As I was posting photos on Instagram, people were asking where they could get the items I was showing. It’s amazing how few people know about these places, and both and accessible to anyone in the city (as long as you’re willing to fight pre-5 PM Highland Park bridge traffic, ha!).

Following our tours, we had a potluck dinner and then participated in Meet n’ Make, making ornaments for a tree that will be donated to a shelter. We also met people involved in Knit the Bridge, a project of knitters and crocheters who are crafting a cover for one of the Three Sisters bridges. I wasn’t feeling very crafty (what I didn’t know is that I was actually¬†really sick), but I did participate in making some ornaments for the tree reusing items from the bulk section of PCCR.

Teachers, artists, parents, ANYONE who loves crafting, PCCR is for you! If you build things, remodel homes, or just like neat stuff (thanks, Pinterest), CJ is for you!

Enjoy my photos from the event on Flickr. PCCR on Facebook and Twitter¬†; CJ on Facebook and Twitter…both post unique finds and you can claim them via the ‘net!

#BlogMob is taking a break over the holidays, but we hope to be back with more great ‘Burgh finds in the early spring.