Kingsley Center

Tonight, I should have no problem going to sleep. My heart and body feel restored. As part of my wellness adventure, I started back at yoga. Tonight, I decided to go with a new (to me) place, the Kingsley Center (aka Kingsley Association) in East Liberty.

Even though I went to Chatham, I don’t believe I have ever driven down Frankstown Road on that side of town, but after tonight, I will be making more trips that way. Yoga Roots on Location looked like a nice option on my (ending soon) Yoga Groupon, so I figured I would drive across the Highland Park Bridge and give it a try. And oh, am I glad I did.

When I pulled up, I was so glad there was parking. If someone wants me to go somewhere in the City, parking is key to my mood. Win one.

Win two? There is an indoor pool (which I later learned has a hydraulic floor, uh, yeah!) and when I opened the door, I could smell chlorine (a sure sign it is summer, summer makes me happy). I also learned that Kingsley rents out the pool for birthday parties (meaning our kids may just get a pool party one of these times!).

Win three? Felicia, the yoga instructor. She was extremely friendly, a great yoga instructor, and clearly a family-minded woman. We talked a ‘lil bit about my family and history (ok, a lot) and then, since no one else came to class, had a great restorative yoga session.

After we were done, she gave me a tour of the Center which includes community groups, programs (like an upcoming health fair, financial planning, marriage prep, a GED program), a dance studio, a fitness room, a body toning studio, gym, pool, and of course, the window filled third floor yoga studio.

You can become a member of the Center for less than the price of one trip to a fast food restaurant a month for your whole family. Kid you not. Or, you can stop in and pay for a visitor pass at $5. We will definitely be considering the membership, especially since Felicia told me something worth gold…my whole family can come do yoga, including our ‘lil Man (who is 2). Major win.

Go check out their website,, which is full of info, and like them on Facebook from there. I started following them on Twitter, but it looks like they aren’t as active on Twitter as Facebook…perhaps we can help change that? 😉

All in all, I hope I have given you a great place to grow as a family and interact with the community. Thank you, Felicia for making my evening a nice one after a long, rainy day at work!

This “review” was prompted all on my own after an awesome experience at Kingsley, a community that has been around over 100 years…but that I just discovered tonight. All opinions are my own.

Kingsley Center