The Past Making Way for the Present

In this ‘season of thankfulness’, I find it appropriate to think about the past and where our society has come from. We sure do have a lot to be thankful for. While on our visit to Colonial Williamsburg, our visit to Great Hopes Plantation was BY FAR the best part of our experience. This truly is, as the Colonial Williamsburg website states, “an interactive living history site”. My parents spent hours here with ‘lil Miss A learning, touching, and interacting with history before ‘lil Man, Mr. Burgher, and I arrived. There were slave quarters, animals (pigs, chickens, longhorn cattle). There was a cotton field (where ‘lil Miss A got to pick cotton), a corn house, and a tobacco barn.

It was at the slave quarters that we learned the most that we had in all of Williamsburg. The character portraying a slave said it best, “Even when our times be hard, we have to think about where we’ve came from. We don’t have it bad. We don’t have to worry about being beat or owned.” True story. We really do have a lot to be thankful for!

Please enjoy our photos from the Plantation.

Mama’s Must Visit: Basket Weaver

On our trip to Colonial Williamsburg, I really wanted to get to the basket weaver! ‘lil Man, Mr. Burgher, and I made it just in time, 10 minutes before this building closed. (That’s another peeve of mine about Colonial Williamsburg…many of the buildings were not open all day or each day, so if you didn’t have a multi-day pass, it would be difficult to really see it all. I digress.)

Some Words

As the mother of a three year old and a baby, I’ve learned that some family photos are just not going to be “perfect”. (Case in point, this photo.)

What were Mr. Burgher and Grammie laughing at? Well, since ‘lil Miss A is allergic to dairy, they said “Bacon!” instead of cheese. What do you know? ‘lil Man decided to join in, saying it loud and clear, “Bacon”!!!

It’s amazing how ‘lil Man was so dependent on his Mama for so long, yet he still cannot say “Mama”! Yet, when I snapped this photo, he definitely said “Bacon!”. What gives?