Timolino: Contemporary Lifestyle Drinkware

Enter disclaimer text I was sent a Timolino Tazza mug in exchange for my honest opinions.

It’s a cool, rainy evening here and I’ve had my share of coffee and even tea to get me through the day. Usually as a mom of four I find my hot drinks a bit lukewarm. That’s not the case when I’m drinking from my Timolino Tazza mug as it is designed to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold! This tumbler comes from Timolino’s line of contemporary lifestyle drinkware and lived up to its reputation when I drank from it.

Timolino’s Tazza Mug

What stood out to me about the Tazza from Timolino’s line of tumblers is that they are lightweight, leakproof, and have an ergonomic design for easy carrying. When I first read that about them, I was a little skeptical…but then I accidentally filled my hands a little too full one morning and slipped my mug in my (white) tote bag and had no issues with leaked coffee. Boom!

Here’s what else Timolino shared with me about Tazza, the mug I tried out:

Tazza is available in four festive color ways: candy pink, red, wasabi, and stainless steel. Each color way is made of stainless steel, inside and out, ensuring your mug never absorbs any colors or flavors. Designed with a vacuum insulation, Tazza keeps your drink hot (or cold) for hours, allowing you to enjoy your beverage at your leisure.  Should you choose to brew on the go, a removable food-grade silicone strainer basket filters your drink, ensuring a smooth sip every time. Simply drop your tea leaves or fresh coffee grounds inside the basket and pour hot water overtop to begin steeping. Within seconds you’ll have a delicious, hot beverage waiting to be enjoyed. Once you’re finished, the cap disassembles and the strainer basket can be removed for quick and easy clean up.

I’m not a tea drinker, so I haven’t tried steeping tea in the strainer basket, but I think it would be a great place to drop some fruit in with your water, too!


To get the mug ready for my hot coffee, I followed the instructions to put hot water in the mug and let it get to a warm temperature. When the mug had warmed (about 5 minutes), dump the water and add coffee. Truth be told, I don’t have time for this (or the opposite, filling with ice water before adding a cold beverage), so I was a bit disappointed to think that I needed to follow this routine every time I wanted the perfect temperature drink. Turns out, it is worth the time but not 100% necessary. The days I just added my hot coffee straight to the mug then got in the car were still days that I was enjoying a hot coffee 30-40 minutes into my commute.

Pro Tip: These mugs would make any mom happy this mother’s day. You can get one just like mine on Amazon. Pair one up with mom’s favorite hot beverage like k-cups or tea bags…or a gift card to her favorite coffee shop.

Timolino: Contemporary Lifestyle Drinkware

Timolino offers a few other options of drinkware including:

The NEW Omni Collection – designed to do it all. From hot to cold, coffee to tea, flat water to sparkling soda, Timolino has the bottle to fit your everyday hydration need! Check out their Cruiseline Series ($19.99) for upcoming summer vacation! The entire Omni Collection includes an infuser basket which is perfect for brewing tea on the go!

The Messenger PH+ Bottle –  The circular silicone dots let you spell out names and moods! Plus, the filter creates light alkaline water with ph level of 7.5 – 8.5 to help maintain the acid-balance in your body! Create your own personality with the Messenger Bottle or spell it out for that special person in your life.

If the Timolino line of drinkware sparks your interest, check out more details here or shop now here.

What is your favorite hot or cold drink to get you through your day?

Ispirare Coffee: Local and Inspirational

Enter disclaimer text I received product from Ispirare Coffee in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

When we first moved to Kittanning, I wasn’t necessarily a coffee snob; however, after experiencing gourmet beans brewed in small batches at my work, I quickly realized just how limiting my local coffee shops where. We have one “big name” coffee shop, some gas stations, and of course local diners. But nothing gourmet like I have been spoiled with.

Thankfully, that’s changing because of local bean roasters like Ispirare Coffee. They get it, people deserve good coffee that inspires but isn’t ridiculously priced or hard to find.

Kittanning Coffee

Their story includes this gem:

As a company we want to be as inspirational as our coffees. We both grew up in economically depressed Western Pennsylvanian towns, and believe that success is not measured by what you get, by what you give. We’re committed to using our resources to help create inspirational moments in the communities we operate.

That’s pretty much my life goal – to give and inspire. Love this thought! Even better, their Inspire coffee blend has a hint of chocolate. Between this alignment of values and one of my favorite things, I was eager to give it a try.

The Inspire blend takes beans from Sumatra and Peru to create a savory, smooth drink. I could taste the chocolate, but also got a hint of acidity. This was a good thing, it made for a great finish and unique flavor. The chocolate doesn’t overwhelm – if you aren’t as used to cacao and are more the milk chocolate fan, you might sip past this taste. Sip it slowly, mindfully, and then you’ll get it. This coffee is to inspire, not to gulp!

I recommend getting the whole beans and brewing at home. If you do that, you’re going to need to get yourself an automatic grinder. This one from Cuisinart is what I recommend (and what we use at the office). 

automatic grinderIf you are in the Kittanning area, you can get freshly brewed cups at KICK and A Mano Pasta Shop or pick up your own pack of these beans at Dizzy Lizzies. If you live in Pittsburgh and want to give this a try, I suggest coming up for a visit; however, you can also get beans at Fort Pitt Coffee or a fresh cup at Mercurio’s.

For more information on where to buy, check out their coffee info page. Keep up with Ispirare Coffee on Instagram and Facebook, too!

Ispirare currently has two blends – Inspire (reviewed above) and Italian (described as “bright, juicy, crisp”). Which one piques your interest? 

Ispirare Coffee

2020 Update!!! Ispirare Coffee is opening a COFFEEHOUSE in Kittanning this year on Market Street. We’re excited to visit as soon as it opens and will let you know what the experience is like.

McCafe Moments (from McDonald’s)

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Ah, coffee. My love for it started when I was just a kid (my dad used to give me sips of his, and now I do this with Evan – Arianna has no time for it). But my real love of a a morning coffee about 3 weeks after I got pregnant with Arianna. Just plain, with a little bit of sweetener (the yellow pack). It went away for a few years, then when I started my weight loss journey I picked the habit back up again (go figure).

It’s funny my next sentence includes McDonald’s, but I’m not going to lie – they’ve been a lifesaver the past few mornings. Their McCafe coffees start at the simple, yet delicious coffee and go to mochas (including some brand new ones for the holidays), hot chocolates, and smoothies. Made from 100% Arabica beans, this coffee goes through a special filtration system and is brewed fresh every 30 minutes. (There’s even a video about the special process to brew it!)

I’ll be honest – at my local McDonald’s, the coffee almost tastes too hot, but that could be the pregnancy hormones talking. At the same time, I was excited to be sent a 12-pack of K-Cups and some ground coffee to test out at home. My thought was that I could brew it and it not bring the burnt taste to my “tender” taste buds. This was the lifesaver part. I could walk up to the Keurig and brew my McDonald’s coffee right there, in my new mug. It was a glorious way to start the day.

McDonald’s also sent me some coupons to try out their food (like breakfast, which did go great with my coffee) and sandwiches (which Greg will enjoy). They even want you to have some joy in your life – I was sent an identical set to the one I was given for one lucky winner. You’ll have until November 16 at 11:59 PM to enter this giveaway, I can’t wait to hear you say “i’m lovin’ it” too. Good luck!

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Coffee-Mate Girl Scouts Creamer

Disclaimer: I was sent samples of Coffee-Mate Girl Scouts Creamer in exchange for an honest review. All opinions, however, are 100% my own.

We’ve hit my favorite time of year, the days just before fall when mornings are crisp and cool. What better to have on a day like this than some coffee? How about coffee with Coffee-Mate Girl Scouts Creamer in Thin Mints and Caramel & Coconut? Trust me when I say they make your day better.


You get the flavor of the cookies you’ve grown to love, but that your skinny jeans won’t let you indulge in (the whole box) and by pairing it with you favorite coffee, you can’t lose.

Because – the agony – Greg doesn’t like mint OR coconut, I’ve been sampling the flavors with a co-worker. Neither of us has a clear favorite. They definitely beat out any creamer we’ve tried before (especially the powdered creamers), but both have their time and place. Let me explain.

The Coconut & Caramel has paired great with almost every coffee we’ve tried it in – I’m talking non-flavored dark, light, medium roast, decaf, whatever fits your fancy. I prefer it a little later in the morning because it is a good, sweet flavor that my teeth aren’t quite ready for in the morning. (But co-workers reading this, you’ll vouch that it doesn’t stop me from adding it to my morning coffee, ahem.) Creamy caramel plus coconut – I am really not sure how you could go wrong. 

The Thin Mints was going to be the clear cut winner for me – that’s my favorite cookie (and I LOVE jamming them in a sugar cookie for Christmas…); however, I am truthfully torn. This one works really well with a dark roast coffee, and although it’s fine in others, there’s just a perfect marriage with the dark. Can I say that I’d also consider just drinking this straight if it weren’t for the calorie content? The only thing missing from the minty, chocolately goodness of a Thin Mint cookie is the crunch (and who wants that in their coffee anyhow?)

If you’re interested in giving these a try, I am voting you get both. Seriously, I can’t say which one I like better since both are great. The only downside for me is that you probably wouldn’t want to add these to a vanilla or hazelnut flavored coffee, but that pretty much makes sense. Coffee-mate creamers last about 2 weeks in the fridge; however, it’s likely you will want to drink enough coffee to use it up by then (so that could be a downside depending on how much you shop!).

So, before you let another chilly morning slip by, get to your nearest grocery store (I know that my local one carries both of these) to stock up and enjoy. You taste buds will thank you.

If you’d like more details on either flavor or to check out the auditions for Girl Scouts to star in an upcoming commercial  check out www.girlscouts.coffee-mate.com

Coffee in Conway

I don’t know how I get through the day without cups of coffee, but I’ve never caught on to the addiction. Lately, however, I keep finding the need for it be it through an iced coffee, ghetto mix with hot chocolate, or my scrub.

On Monday, Nurin and I could just tell the day was going to require coffee. My heart was set on a large skinny iced coffee from Wendy’s, a 99 cent treat at home.

We got in the car, navigated the streets of Conway, and pulled up to the drive through to order. Nowhere on the board did I see my treat, but I decided to ask anyways. No go. Ok, so I would just get coffee. I ordered Greg a large, but when I asked for a medium for me, I was told that coffee only comes in small. Well, no thanks, cancel our order.

Time to find another place to get coffee, but where? The closest Starbucks is miles away. It’s not like we are in Pittsburgh where you can throw a rock and hit multiple shops along the path. We decided to head toward the newer section of stores, hoping we’d come across something.

McDonald’s, at the time, seemed like the best idea. The drive-thru line was long, so we decided to go inside and try our luck. Not knowing the nutrition facts, I wondered if they might have a sheet with the information. Before I could ask, we noticed a computer where you could look it up–score, right? I found a cappuccino which was higher in calories than I’d like, but I’d make it work.

Greg’s regular coffee, large, cost $1. Nurin and I ordered our cappuccinos at about $3 each, mediums. You would think these would be amazing considering the cost. When we were handed our coffees, we made the mistake of not taking that first (painful) sip before leaving. Getting in the car, we both took a sip, but neither said a word. After another sip, we agreed these would need re-worked at home. They tasted just like black coffee with a foam on top that I can’t even consider whipped anything. Awful. This was definitely not cappuccino.

Adding chocolate milk and sugar didn’t help, and Greg reported that his wasn’t that great either. We came to the conclusion that gas station coffee was going to be our best option should we want coffee again during this trip. Really?!? Really.

Either that, or we can drive in to the beach and find out if this coffee lives up to its slogan, “impossibly boss”.