Ispirare Coffee: Local and Inspirational

Enter disclaimer text I received product from Ispirare Coffee in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

When we first moved to Kittanning, I wasn’t necessarily a coffee snob; however, after experiencing gourmet beans brewed in small batches at my work, I quickly realized just how limiting my local coffee shops where. We have one “big name” coffee shop, some gas stations, and of course local diners. But nothing gourmet like I have been spoiled with.

Thankfully, that’s changing because of local bean roasters like Ispirare Coffee. They get it, people deserve good coffee that inspires but isn’t ridiculously priced or hard to find.

Kittanning Coffee

Their story includes this gem:

As a company we want to be as inspirational as our coffees. We both grew up in economically depressed Western Pennsylvanian towns, and believe that success is not measured by what you get, by what you give. We’re committed to using our resources to help create inspirational moments in the communities we operate.

That’s pretty much my life goal – to give and inspire. Love this thought! Even better, their Inspire coffee blend has a hint of chocolate. Between this alignment of values and one of my favorite things, I was eager to give it a try.

The Inspire blend takes beans from Sumatra and Peru to create a savory, smooth drink. I could taste the chocolate, but also got a hint of acidity. This was a good thing, it made for a great finish and unique flavor. The chocolate doesn’t overwhelm – if you aren’t as used to cacao and are more the milk chocolate fan, you might sip past this taste. Sip it slowly, mindfully, and then you’ll get it. This coffee is to inspire, not to gulp!

I recommend getting the whole beans and brewing at home. If you do that, you’re going to need to get yourself an automatic grinder. This one from Cuisinart is what I recommend (and what we use at the office). 

automatic grinderIf you are in the Kittanning area, you can get freshly brewed cups at KICK and A Mano Pasta Shop or pick up your own pack of these beans at Dizzy Lizzies. If you live in Pittsburgh and want to give this a try, I suggest coming up for a visit; however, you can also get beans at Fort Pitt Coffee or a fresh cup at Mercurio’s.

For more information on where to buy, check out their coffee info page. Keep up with Ispirare Coffee on Instagram and Facebook, too!

Ispirare currently has two blends – Inspire (reviewed above) and Italian (described as “bright, juicy, crisp”). Which one piques your interest? 

Ispirare Coffee

2020 Update!!! Ispirare Coffee is opening a COFFEEHOUSE in Kittanning this year on Market Street. We’re excited to visit as soon as it opens and will let you know what the experience is like.