Healthy Eating: Over the Edge?

A few months ago, I determined I would be over the edge of this whole healthy eating thing when I got a scale. Well, that’s done. And then it changed to “when I start eating funky stuff”. Give me a few spare points here, who is to determine what “funky stuff” is? Regardless, today while eating breakfast, I think I finally tipped over the edge.

I mean, seriously, take a peek at my meal:

Today’s breakfast was taken directly from a Facebook pal’s page. Yup. Stole it and loved the result. The thing is, I think this meal really took me over the edge and into full blown healthy eating.

I’d hold a contest and give yinz bonus points for figuring out what I ate, but I am pretty sure 99% of you would be wrong, so here’s the scoop:

  • Blueberries
  • Peanut Butter
  • Coconut Oil, hardened (yes, I ate oil for breakfast)
  • Chia Seeds (you can’t really see them, they sunk to the bottom…but they are there)
  • Flax Seeds

Talk about a punch. Now, if yinz aren’t healthy eaters but think that looks good, I highly suggest eating some other healthy stuff for a week or so beforehand. My body (the one that revolts when I add ice cream or white wheat to it) had an almost immediate, uh, processing reaction. Yet…the crazy thing? I loved this and would definitely eat it again.

In fact, I might see if I can get the kids (minus the PB) to eat it. Greg’s out, he was disgusted as he watched me pack it. But that’s okay, this journey is about me enjoying life and getting healthier, two things this meal did for me.

Would anyone be interested in a weekly round-up of the healthy stuff I’m adding to my life? If so, comment so I know you’d be interested in me sharing the delicious (and sometimes funky) things I’ve been eating (and making my family try). Lemme know.