Cleaning Up

Last night, we finally took down our Christmas tree. Now in its place is the treadmill (a sign that Mama has work to do, huh?). By design, this is so that the kids will have more space in the toy room. For ‘lil Man’s birthday, my parents gave him a train table that will eventually go in his bedroom, but for now, we need it to be in the toy room. With the treadmill gone, that left lots of extra space for the one couch to slide back and the train table to come out of hiding.

There was only one problem. Where were we putting the rocking lounger I got from Wendy’s Grandma’s? It was time to clean up the toys strewn about the floor and make space. ‘lil Man didn’t need to help, it wasn’t his mess. Mr. Burgher was off doing dishes and laundry (have I ever mentioned I am lucky?), so that left ‘lil Miss A and I.

There was a simple system. Train pieces go in the basket that came with it. Balls go in one tote bag (see, another way to re-purpose, use them for organizing!), blocks and trucks (‘lil Man’s toys) in another. Books on the book shelf, and stuffies/babies in the storage tote. ‘lil Miss A was assigned books and train parts. She failed.

Is that mean to say that she failed? Perhaps a bit; however, this is the little girl who has always amazed others with her willingness to clean up at the end of a day. She ended up in time out twice for throwing toys and jumping off the top of the couch instead of helping. At that point, I gave up and did it myself. Frustrated, I flailed out on the lounger and shut my eyes.

Next thing you know? ‘lil Miss A is jumping on me. “Mama! It’s clean! You are my hero!” So glad to help you out, baby girl, so glad to help.