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The First Christmas Night

Disclosure: I received a copy of The First Christmas Night in exchange for an honest review. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own.

You’re all probably very familiar with the rhyme “Twas the Night Before Christmas”, but have you ever heard a version about the night before the real, first Christmas? keep reading

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Mysterious Ways

My parents always reminded me that God works in mysterious ways. They sure were right.

When we took toys to Stuff a Bus in November, we stopped at the Steelers Store first. I found a cute plastic dinosaur that I just knew was going to make some ‘lil kids’ Christmas. See it down there in the bottom left? keep reading

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How Santa Lost (Sort Of)

If you follow along over on my personal Twitter, you’d know that I was just a little bit beyond irritated last Wednesday evening. The time was set for me to have some ME TIME. I decided that returning one non-working toy would be a simple fix, so I headed to Monroeville to exchange a toy bought on line. keep reading

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Christmas Spirit

As we fast approach the night of ‘lil sleep (please tell me where the “long winters nap” people are, cause they aren’t here), are you ready? Are you in the Christmas Spirit?

For me, I think it’s going to take a good round of “Silent Night” with faces lit by candles. It gets me every time. Truth be told, this is the first year in a long time (and definitely the first since being a mom) that it’s just been hard for me to get into the spirit. With no idea why, I look forward to church tonight and presents opening tomorrow, both of which should put me right back in the mood. keep reading

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We All Have Our Crazy

We all have some version of crazy in us, trust me.

My crazy is my loyalty. I will be loyal to the end, no matter how evil people can be to me. Case in point, my life in 2006-2008. I moved to South Carolina with my then boyfriend and I thought things would be peachy for the rest of my life. keep reading

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Siblings and Patience

Our kiddos were so patient on Christmas morning! We woke them up, got them dressed for church, showed them the present pile and hoped for the best. Our next task was not to let them tear into the gifts, but to travel 50 minutes to surprise my parents at their church then drive back home for snacks and gifts. They were so patient, but weren’t all about holding still for the camera (as you noticed in this post). Although I am partial, I think they are still pretty darn cute. keep reading

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A Family Photo

Wishing you Happy Holidays!

It’s hard to get the kids looking when we are actually prepared for a family photo! Oh well. They were excited to get to unwrapping.

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