Scenes From Our Tree

“Our tree is not beautiful,” he told my family.

“It sure is, baby. We just have some work to do,” I assured Evan.

Last Thursday, I happened to leave my husband a note. A to-do list. At the end was a reward if he happened to get the tree up and decorated. I’ll give him that the tree was up and decorated, but Evan was kind of right.

Here’s what it looked like as they put it up:

And Arianna reflecting on what more needed done after Evan proclaimed it wasn’t beautiful:

We clearly had some work to do. Not only were all of the ornaments only at child-height, but there were so many memory filled ornaments to be added. The kids and I got to work while Greg worked on the outside before last weekend’s snowstorm.





And then, once the angel was on top, we agreed. It was finally beautiful.