Parenting Decision: School

One of the things I’ve learned as a parent is that you cannot second guess your decisions. Many things we decide as a parent are made in a split-second, while others involve great thought and discussion. The decision we made to not enroll Arianna in another year of preschool was not an easy one, yet here I am second guessing my parenting decision about her school “career” and she’s only four.


You see, Arianna is one of those unlucky kids with an October birthday. I used to think that to attend public school she would miss the cut-off by five days, but I was wrong. In our district, the cut-off is September 1, meaning she would not be able to go to kindergarten in public school this fall.

When enrolling her in a preschool program, we knew that moving up to kindergarten wasn’t a guarantee, but a possibility at the private school. So, off she went to another year of pre-3 instead of pre-4 just in case she wouldn’t be able to move up. This saved us quite a bit of money (3 days versus 5) and time spent driving to the school.

When enrollment letters came home, I wasn’t sure we’d be able to swing the pre-4 cost, but didn’t want to hold our daughter back because of money. Unfortunately, the options to keep her in private school simply didn’t work with our budget or timing, so we had to choose to say farewell to her school.

Although we’ve applied for a pre-K program in our local district (free, and five days a week, several hours a day), I fear she won’t get in there. You see, this is an income based program and we make a tad bit too much for it (although they do have a few non-income based slots).

It’s like we can’t win. We don’t make enough, yet we make too much. Sure, Greg could go to work, but at this point, he’d be working to pay for private pre-school and then daycare for Evan. Instead, we sit and wait, floating on hope that Arianna will be accepted to the school program and we will not be “holding her back” from potential this coming fall.

Lots of people say their kid is brilliant, but I really believe mine is. Her mind is like her favorite animal, the elephant. She remembers everything, down to the very last detail. Hopefully that helps her out if she cannot attend a school program. The last thing I want is to know our decision around money kept her from excelling at school.

Are other families faced with the “October Baby” school cut-off challenge? I realize someone would have it regardless of the cut-off, but I need to know that keeping her back with her smarts is going to be okay. What suggestions do you have for at-home learning to keep her going if we don’t hear good news from the school program? We’re already pulling together some Everyday Math activities and handwriting books just in case. I might even throw together weekly units that both she and Evan can benefit from. If so, would this be something you readers would enjoy hearing about here on the blog? Ah, now to find even more time in my already busy life. Wish us luck (and patience).