Perfect Pittsburgh Sunday – Steelers Bye Week Edition

Sunday afternoons in Pittsburgh come autumn time are dominated by watching and cheering on dem Stillers. This usually equates to a day full of fun, but special circumstances such as bye weeks and truly horrendous seasons call for other enjoyable activities to keep us all entertained. Check out my post below for some suggestions about what to do to make your fall Sunday perfect, then follow the links to see what a bunch of other awesome Pittsburgh bloggers recommend!

Sure, it would be easy to completely cop out of the perfect Pittsburgh Sunday by telling yinz’all to do what I did and vacation for Steelers Bye Week, wouldn’t it? Since that’s no fun, I’d like to share with you the fun fall things that my family and I would do if we were, in fact, in town for this upcoming Steelers Bye Week.

First, we’d sleep in. This isn’t abnormal on a Sunday, it’s usually the one day we actually can. I may sneak out the iPad to catch up on other bloggers’ work or push through weekend e-mail.

We’d wake whenever I can no longer sneak past Arianna’s room to use the bathroom, likely by 10:30. The kids and I would make the perfect Dippy Eggs (for them) and omelettes (for me). Heck, we might even whip up a batch of Burgh Baby’s Lucky Biscuits for fun (since we don’t need the luck on a bye week).

After convincing Greg to get out of bed, it would be the perfect day to head down to the Aviary (since the North Shore will be nice and peaceful without tailgaters). Since the Rhinoceros Hornbill exhibit it being renovated, we wouldn’t spend all day there, perhaps just an hour or two.

Lunch would be from the kids’ favorite Pittsburgh eatery, Eat n’ Park, complete with Smiley Face Cookies. (Okay, that might sound like a cop out, but it’s one of their favorites, making it our perfect day.)

For the rest of the afternoon, we may enjoy time at Deer Lakes Park through nap time.

Nap time means time for Greg and I to enjoy catching up on the other games around the league (or our fantasy teams) while lounging on the couch. (If you’re looking for some “must do” Burgh things, sorry, this isn’t one.)

The evening would include a run around a track at the school near us, grocery shopping for the week (in a calm store because no one else is getting last minute items), and snuggling up to read some good children’s books.

Our Sundays are usually fairly calm, but do include some fun Pittsburgh things. If you’re interested, check out Alex’s website to see more fun from other bloggers to prepare you to enjoy this Steelers Bye Week!