The Family That Bowls Together

As a kid, I used to admire my dad’s “5 pin” trophy from Church Bowling League. Every (Thursday?) night, he would go bowling, Mom would sometimes get to go too. My brother and I would randomly get to bowl, but we probably did a lot more of it when we moved back to Brookville and I was in high school.

Dad and Mom both joined the bowling league, and I’d sometimes get to join them if the team was short a bowler. I’d wear my mom’s adorable maroon and pink bowling shoes and tried my best, but I rarely got above 130.

I kept up bowling here and there as a young adult, and fell in love with a man who bowled once a week in a league. No clue how we never bowled together as friends, but I do know the first time I bowled with Greg over a visit on his birthday weekend that bowling was going to be part of the rest of our lives. It’s great to share a hobby with the person you love, and even better that we get to share it with our kids.

‘lil Miss A got her first experience bowling that Thanksgiving with Grandma, Pop Pop, and Aunt Li Li, but we didn’t take her again until just after ‘lil Man was born. She’s improved her “game” with the help of the bumpers and ramp. Don’t get in her way of lifting the ball–she’ll do it herself, thank you very much.

‘lil Man went bowling the first time during our visit to South Carolina and he was pretty proud of himself. (I probably should have let him bowl a few of my frames, let’s be honest, he should have been proud.

This family that bowls together, stays together.