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What We’re Reading: February 13 Edition

What We're Reading

We have been sent books below in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are our own.

What We’re Reading: February 13

A Couch for Llama by Leah Gilbert

What happens when a family loses their couch on their way home from a furniture store and a llama discovers it? Good thing it’s comfy…will the family get their couch back or will llama feel all the sads? You’ll have to read this one to find out! keep reading

Connecting with Animals

Disclaimer: This post contains information on a book and cd that I was sent to review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Sometimes I wish I could get inside my dogs’ brains and figure out what in the world they are thinking. There are the obvious signs of what’s what, like the slight head butt to the couch signalling “get me outside now” and the nose to knee rub to welcome me home. But, I have to admit, I think they both understand more about the family and me than we’ll ever realize. keep reading

The Joy of Reading


As an avid reader, I am so glad to watch our children fall in love with books. A loves to read to Lil Man (or anyone who will listen), and even at her age, her comprehension skills are incredible.

We’re lucky to have a lil bookworm in our midst. It probably comes from being good models–I read to her while she was in my womb, we read to her multiple times daily, a bedtime book s a must, and she sees us read (even if it’s google reader on my phone or yahoo news on mr burgher’s computer). keep reading