#BFing Blog Hop: Rockin’ It

Today’s post is another one in the series from Life With Levi (the Breastfeeding Blop Hop). This week’s topic is “Breastfeeding and Body Changes”.

Growing up a “big kid”, I rarely had confidence in my body. There is was plenty about it I didn’t like. When I became a Mom, I threw all that negativity out the window. I learned that I’d just have to rock what was given to me, because that’s just how it is.

Since steady breastfeeding ‘Lil Man, I haven’t gone through what I hear are the “typical” body changes. There are some things I am ok with, and some things I am not, but that’s the breaks. Here’s what’s happened with me.

1. They say you will lose all the baby weight QUICK. Just two weeks ago, when ‘Lil Man was 6 months and a week old, I finally got down to pre-pregnancy weight. And I haven’t really moved the scale from there. I haven’t had the easiest time losing weight my whole life, so this is really no surprise here. But, I have been eating nutritious stuff ever since giving birth (preggers =’d EAT WHAT YOU CAN KEEP DOWN) and walking every day for about a mile and a quarter since March. It’s the way my body is, I guess. The fight is constant, but I will get “there”.

2. They say you will likely not cycle. I blame the BC pill I was on, but oh, cycle did I! Every two weeks for the first 4 months on the pill. I finally stopped that, but I am not a “lucky one”. Hmmph.

3. Your boobs will sag. Personally, I have never loved the ladies as much as I do, thanks. 😉

4. You will lose your desire to be intimate with your partner. Sure, being touched by a little one all day could cause some of the intimacy to go away, but I have to disagree. Mr. Burgher and I hold hands and sneak kisses all the time like we are teenagers. Nothing has changed just because I am a mom a breastfeeding mom.

5. You will have aches and pains. Not gonna lie to you, I have have extreme sensitivity and various pains. Sure, it’s not fun, but the pain does go away, promise.

Those are just a few of the “wive’s tales” I’ve heard while looking for support as a BFing Mama. I love my body, and I am proud of how it rocks. Seriously, I make milk for my kiddo, how cool is that? Even after Lil Man is long done with his mama, I am going to remember how much confidence he gave me and keep on rockin’ it.