Style with Function: Is it Possible?

I laugh when I think about me as someone who worries about style. Back in my single days, I didn’t really care if I went out in pajama pants and a completely mismatched shirt. The folks over at “What Not to Wear” would probably have a hay-day in my closet. But when it comes to nursing clothing, I feel like there is a need to have clothes that are stylish yet functional.

Trust me. I have seen some of the nursing clothes out there. Clearly, these clothes were not designed for the Coco Chanel every little girl has within. They are stuffy or boring. Or stuffy and boring. And if you chose to not go with the stuffy/boring lifestyle, you usually are given something to pick from that has stripes (yeah, cause every single nursing mom with enlarged breasts needs stripes). Or low cut–helllllooooo cleavage! Sorry boys, but these ladies belong to Mr. E!

Maybe my experience with nursing clothing is so boring because I am a plus-sized mama. Maybe they just don’t make clothes that have some flair and function to them.

What is my go-to, then? Well, I can tell you one thing. I absolutely MUST have a good nursing bra for starters.

The quest for a good, supportive non-wire nursing bra has failed me; however, I have made do with a decent style from Target, Gilligan & O’Malley. They also sell great nursing tanks; however, wearing them to the office just doesn’t feel right (for me, I need to wear nursing necessities to work due to pumping–I’ve had many a Lane Bryant “dip” bra get stuck in the pump flanges). So pretty much, I wear the heck out of my choices during the weekdays and immediately change when I get home from work.

And what goes on top? If you want the honest truth, I gave up on my search for a decent “stylish” nursing shirt and just wear something comfortable. One day I was nursing while wearing my Steeler jersey and my grandmother pointed out, “You know, they make shirts with buttons for a reason”. Well, sorry Grandma, but they don’t make cute Steeler button down shirts for a lady of my size and age. Basically, I won’t compromise the little bits of “style” that I do have for nursing function. I make it work.

But I am dying to hear if there IS an option out there for me. I mean, I do have a few months left in nursing. So is there something you recommend? What about with summer coming–tanks will work like a breeze, but what am I going to do about swimming? So many questions, but so worth making that little man of mine full and happy, right?

I chose to write this post as part of Life With Levi’s Breastfeeding Blog Hop. This week’s topic is Nursing Clothing. One other “nursing clothing” must I have is my PumpEase because it makes pumping so easy. You can check out my thoughts about the Pump Ease here on my blog. Enjoy!