My Top 5 Moments: Blogger Bash NYC 2015

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As a blogger, I sometimes get to participate in some really fun events. I’m not sure that anything is ever going to top Blogger Bash NYC 2015, except maybe future Blogger Bash events. As a reader, I’m sure you don’t want bored with all the details, but I want to share with you my top 5 moments: Blogger Bash NYC 2015 in hopes to inspire you to do the things that make you happy and to tease you with some cool things to come here on the blog.

And now, in no particular order because it was all awesome…My Top 5 Moments: Blogger Bash NYC 2015!


1. Turning my day around with Cheer Bear at the Care Bears Brunch. Day one of Blogger Bash NYC started out kind of rough for me. When I tried to check in, there was a sign that said “VIP”. I wasn’t, so I waited behind 2 or 3 other ladies in the regular attendee check-in. The ONLY unfortunate moment of the conference was when a volunteer asked me to come to the VIP line to check-in and another volunteer got a little cranky because I wasn’t VIP. I was already slightly stressed from ensuring Greg and the girls had a plan (that included feedings and how was I going to pump or nurse between sessions), so I felt a few tears come to my eyes. Greg took me to the door of the Care Bears Brunch and the very first thing that happened was meeting Cheer Bear of the Care Bears line (ok, it was the second – I got offered a mimosa but I didn’t want to be holding a drink in the picture). (And now that I think of it…I never did get that mimosa!) The food was spectacular and the presentation pretty neat, too. While we learned about Care Bears (sneak peek – there’s a lot of cool things coming from Care Bears this fall), I met some other mamas who were there with their adorable babies.

My day is already off to a better start! ♡ #ShareYourCare #BBNYC

2. Playing with toys at Sweet Suite. The “Biggest Night of Play” truly was that. Greg watched the girls for about an hour while I browsed the brands that were there, making my “must visit” list. Then while he went to a movie premiere, I grabbed the girls and the ring slings and made my way to several booths to play. Of course, the girls liked the baby stuff the most (more on that in another top moment), and I liked seeing toys that Santa just might want to bring the big kids this Christmas. Spoilers…Fisher Price is coming out with an awesome dinosaur that I am sure Evan would just melt over and there are plenty of cool crafty things from Crayola for my ‘lil artist Arianna. Cannot wait! The night went way too fast and I didn’t get to play with all the toys I wanted to, but luckily the planners of BBNYC score each attendee of the event a “Big Box o’ Swag” that got delivered to our door last week (and that I’ve since put up for Christmas surprises)

IMG_20150716_1731173. Taking a break. I was in NYC for personal business, making blogging connections, but I also needed to bring the girls along, too. BBNYC is open to nurslings 6 months or younger, so the girls were “just right” to attend while in a ring sling with me. BBNYC is unlike any other blogging event though…it’s laid back and personal. I got to nurse the girls on cozy couches while networking with brands (the reps – from Rite Aid, Delta, and Fisher Price – who helped hold a baby while the other baby fed topped my list!). I got to eat amazing food without being begged to have seconds before I’ve had my firsts. I got to enjoy a glass of wine. I got to connect with blogging friends and make new ones, too. The time I spent at BBNYC was very laid back compared to the bigger event that I attended. Sessions didn’t feel rushed. Speakers were able to connect with us. Brands made genuine connections that weren’t about swag. And I got to take a break and pamper myself a ‘lil bit, too. Bonus? There was a session that was EXTREMELY motivating called “Brand New You”, but I’d like to dedicate another post just to that event. IMG_0083

This is how I spent most of my day with the #twins #lilburghers #weego #Repost @fidifamilies (THANK YOU!!!) ・・・ Cutest twins award goes to @mrsgregwillis @bloggerbashnyc #bbnyc #babycarryingmama #howtwinsroll #babies #nyc #bloggers #influencers4. Meeting Anne Geddes. My love for photographer Anne Geddes started back when my Aunt Amy had her prints hanging in a bathroom. At BBNYC, the twins and I got to listen to Anne Geddes talk about her latest project (a campaign to raise awareness about meningococcal disease) and then met her / had a quick photo opp, too. She’s so down to earth and has a beautiful soul. If you’re wondering…no, I didn’t ask her to photograph the twins. Her process to find babies is very organic, and while I am sure (like any other mother would be) that the twins would be great photographic material, it wasn’t the place or time. The sweet @thankyouhoneyblog captured the #twins and I meeting @annegeddestweet at #bbnyc #babypalooza ♡♡♡♡♡ #lilburghers
(She made me laugh, and a dear new friend captured my true joy!)

IMG_01195. Connecting with baby brands. There was a session dedicated solely to baby brands, and of course, this was one of my favorite sessions. I brought the babies and learned about several cool baby products (which I hope to be able to feature here soon). Isla fell deeply, madly in love with a Fisher Price swing (a LOT more to come on this, stay tuned!) and Ava felt quite content in a bassinet. (While my babies are usually calm, the calmness they had in these products blew me away.) People who work with kids and babies tend to be pretty chill – that’s exactly what I needed at exactly that moment.

#Repost @mommyblogexpert (Thanks for capturing this of IJ! Multiple moms / moms of 4 unite!) ・・・ Super sweet smart motorized #baby #cradle #fisherprice #sweetsuite15

I can’t wait to take on Blogger Bash next summer. While I loved having the babies and am sure they gave me a slight advantage (ha, some bloggers in speed dating said I had an advantage with the babies – yes, because two tired babies strapped to my body is an advantage when talking to brands and trying to sell yourself and your blog), I am excited to make connections last throughout this year and then grow for next year’s event.

If you are ever given a chance to get to a conference for the thing that makes you feel whole, DO IT. Don’t question it. Make it happen. I did, and you can believe you’ll be glad you did.


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