Blogger Bash NYC 2017

Enter disclaimer text No matter what line of work you’re in, professional development is key! That’s why I packed up two small bags (more to come on that) and hit the road for New York City last week. It was time for Blogger Bash NYC 2017, a conference for bloggers who focus on baby, kid, and parenting writing.

blogger bash nyc

A Veteran’s View of Blogger Bash NYC

This was my third time embarking on the city for this conference, but my first time without Greg and the kids enjoying the sights while I worked. I road-tripped it from Pittsburgh with another ‘burgh blogger (I think there were five of us there in all) and we talked shop for the six hour ride.

(Pro tip – find yourself an accountability partner, no matter what you do for a living. It’s great to have someone to bounce ideas off of and to have someone hold you to goal setting and meeting!)

I knew going into the trip that the hotel we’d booked (The Jane) was tiny, hence the packing lightly. But one important thing came with me – my Converse. They were incredibly comfortable on my feet after I learned my lessons wearing dress shoes and sandals the last two years. (And they looked just fine with my dresses, don’t you think?)

anne geddes paint
Meeting Anne Geddes (the second time at BBNYC).

Once we got registered at the two-day event, it was time to catch up with some of my favorite fellow attendees (and find coffee). But first…we stood in line out on the Chelsea Piers in the heat – good thing I didn’t sweat too bad!

Turn Your Passion Into Adventure

The breakfast was sponsored by Armitron and featured a panel of moms who inspired us to do what we love and make it an adventure.

After having the discussions on our ride to NYC, I was really inspired by Sara Roberts of Elle Magazine who told us “stay in your lane”. It’s very easy to get distracted by what people to the left and right of you are doing (in any business). You need to focus on YOU and what works for your business. That’s big stuff right there! 

But we also want to work to “create a real community where people can connect” (Rebecca Dube of the TODAY Parenting Team). Since then, I’ve been really thinking about how to make this site more of that for parents (and maybe moving some of the more personal things to another space). I want to be a source for moms like me – and while I’m sure some of you get that from my thoughts, more of you might be interested in things to do in Pittsburgh with kids or you’re coming here for toy reviews. We’ll see if some changes I’ll be making prove this out! Feel free to take a moment and comment about what you’d like to see less and more of around here! 

Everyone on the panel was inspiring – this was a great start to the event!


Even though I don’t have teeny tiny babies anymore (for those of you who were there in 2015, I am the mom who had twins strapped to me – they’re now two and done with being worn), I got a lot out of this event. There are some really awesome things coming for new moms and moms of babies/toddlers/early school aged kids!

As a sneak peek, my favorite things I’ll be using and sharing with my family/friends that new moms had a ‘lil something to do with these photos…

Yes, I’m baby wearing at a Babypalooza, AGAIN! This time the baby wasn’t real but was a prop to shw how Bridge the Bump can solve the common prego-problem of buying a new coat for the 3-4 months that the belly is present…then to turn it into a solution for baby wearing moms (and dads) once baby arrives! I’m really excited to tell you more about this in an upcoming post.

This Austlen stroller is a DOUBLE STROLLER. I know, right? It’s so compact and is like a swiss army knife with all the ways it can be configured. With one of these, our travel with a stroller in tow would be solved (as long as the girls stay under 35 pounds). Hopefully more to come about this beauty!

When cold season hits, I’m going to be armed with Oilogic to make the stuffy noses and tough to sleepies go away!

OK, take all my monies. You guys know me and clean eats. Well, Tickle Water is going to be added to my list of musts – and I’ll have my own private stash that the kids won’t know about!

This was just a SAMPLE of all the amazingness that I saw at Babypalooza! And if you’re my friend on Facebook, you might have noticed that Zulily did a photo shoot and got me a fancy new headshot!

CE Week

The conference included a private tour of CE Week, a tech show. There were WAY too many booths and too much cool stuff at that event to cover in just two short hours, so I made my way back over there on Thursday after the last official event wrapped up. While I didn’t take too many photos, I did get to see some super cool techie things like home security systems, at home vision screenings, carbon monoxide alarms, laser hair growth stimulation, smart pillows, and adaptive technology. Really cool stuff that will hopefully make it here for Tech Tuesday features!

Sweet Suite

I almost feel like The Biggest Night of Play needs its own dedicated post. During this four-hour event, I got a sneak peek at all the hottest toys coming this Christmas. I’m going to share my list of things you’ll want to get your hands on in a future post, but here’s an idea of what to be ready for:

  • Slime, slime, slime!
  • Squishy collectibles
  • Science (STEM/STEAM) kits
  • Throwbacks – Teddy Ruxpin and Cabbage Patch (I AM IN LOVE)
  • Dolls

There’s no way I could sum this up with words, so a collage will have to do. Trust me.

Sweet Suite

And after four hours of play, these ‘lil piggies were exhausted!

Toy Association Breakfast

The last day of Blogger Bash started off with a trip to the Toy Association’s office to talk about toys and toy safety. Because I took three pages of notes and am a rule following mama, I want to give you some tips in another post; however, if you don’t make it back here to read that one – I ask you to – Have Fun and Play Safe!

Stuff for Moms and Dads Expo

The final event (tears!) was the CPE Stuff for Moms and Dads Expo. While there weren’t as many brands here as other events, I took full advantage of getting to know the items that were showcased. I spent three hours learning about things that were going to make my life as a mama better so I could be more for my kids. Interestingly enough, my favorites all had a good fitness/wellness spin to them:

Pea Protein Powder from Growing Naturals could easily become my newest post-workout fuel. (Truth be told, I might have been swayed by the vodka they mixed with it for our “coping cabana” theme; however, this wasn’t “textury” or tough to swallow, so it sat well with me.)

Hero Clean is going to kick my clothes’ butt. Ever since starting YFit, my workout gear reeks like the Chatham College Hockey locker room – ugh!

Laguna Blue – The Smarter Towel – would be a great addition to our summer routine. Greg is taking the kids swimming every weekday, so that’s five towels that maybe don’t get 100% dry before the next swim. Eco-friendly and bacteria resistant = piece of mind!

Touchpoints are a cool new technology to help with anxiety and stress. These bands help calm the fight of flight feeling!

The one product I got to take home with me was a pillow from Snuggle-Pedic. I’ve been sleeping on this “Ultra-Luxury Kool-Flow® bamboo shredded memory foam pillow” since getting back to my own big bed (again, more on that later!) and have had some really great nights of sleep! 

Do it again?

If I got selected to attend again next year, you’d better believe I’ll find a way to get there! Blogger Bash NYC is my favorite blogging event – and not just because we are super spoiled with things like the swag box that ships to our homes. The coordinators are awesome, the event space is incredible, and the brands are ready and willing to showcase the best of their best. It’s a win-win for everyone.

If you’re on the fence about a blogging conference in 2018, don’t think twice – add BBNYC to your list of musts!

Did you go to Blogger Bash NYC this year? I’ll be linking up, but feel free to share your thoughts with me here, too.


Enter disclaimer text Tonight’s post is thanks to MagicMeeMees.

Amidst the rocking boat of Blogger Bash NYC, I found a toy that I knew would soon become a favorite in my house. Just like my four kids, these are adorable ‘lil beings that have their own emotions and wants.

Magic MeeMees

I’m pretty sure that these toys from Future of Play are going to top wish lists this holiday season. While not available until August 1, the ‘lil Burghers (and I, duh!) got a chance to play with these fun characters who will be available in play sets, characters, and blind bags. Each character has a mind of their own. A push on the head brings them to life so they can interact with you, other MagicMeeMees, their play lands, and food.


Check out what Evan and Arianna had to say about them, then come back here for more information.

You can follow MagicMeeMees on their social channels to find out more as they become available at retailers: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram. These toys were a HIT at Blogger Bash’s Sweet Suite and I’m sure they’ll be a hit in your home, too!

Psst! If you don’t want your magicmeemees to be red (angry) all the time, make sure you either buy the matching play set or the foods that go along with their land. There are currently 24 characters and 8 play sets (lands). Also, if you have babies like we do, you can take the arms off and store them somewhere safe so that they can check out these fun characters (with supervision, of course).

You can buy MagicMeeMees on Amazon – click the picture below to get the set we have or click here to get Mellow Manny!

Blogger Bash NYC 2016

What a whirlwind the last week and a half has been. Last Tuesday, after an early start to my work day, we packed the family in the van and headed to New York City for Blogger Bash NYC 2016. It was my time to work on this here blog and get inspired to keep bringing stories here.

Like last year, I had some really great moments; however, unlike last year, I’ll just share my thoughts versus going for a “top 5” list. There’s so much to tell you and we’ll let this post serve as my link up to other posts about my two days growing my blog, deal? Deal.

Blogger Bash NYC 2016

Care Bears Brunch

You guys. Next year, Care Bears will be turning 35. I can’t even find words. There are some cool things coming that I hope to share with you, but let me tell you that Blogger Bash and Care Bears picking Funshine Bear as the bear to start off our two days together was simply perfect. I was quickly reunited with some of my favorite BBNYC pals and met new friends whom either were new to the conference or I didn’t get to meet last year thanks to carrying the twins around with me. What a great start.


Blogging Concentrated

This was almost my favorite part of the whole event. We were blessed with the opportunity to attend a shortened version of Blogging Concentrated led by Dan and Rachel. I was extremely grateful for the learning I got during this time and am ready to take this blog to new levels. Having a blog is a business, and it’s not always easy. You don’t just type words on a screen and let them stick, because they won’t. It’s work, but work I am ready to keep in my life. Thanks for the inspiration and tips!

Sweet Suite

Truly, this event is the biggest night of play. I joined the 400+ bloggers and YouTube families talking to three yacht levels’ worth of brands who brought the latest and greatest toys. After the event, we were sent a Box o’ Swag that the kids have been working on reviewing. The night ROCKED and not just because we were on the Majesty Yacht before a storm on the Hudson River. *wink*



…more photos to come!…

Kate & Mim-Mim Breakfast

I did my homework, like any good smart kid does, the night before this event. Confession, I didn’t know about Kate and Mim-Mim. Evan (my 5-year-old) informed me that it’s “a baby show on Disney Junior” but that he likes to watch it with his baby sisters. Go figure, he was quite excited when I showed him the picture of me and Mim-Mim the next evening.

During this breakfast (which was much needed to fuel the day – I wasn’t too happy with food / drink through the rest of the event until the closing party), we heard from the creators of the show. It was cool to hear they’d based it off their own daughter and her stuffed bunny…and that the kids keep them in check when they are working on the show’s content (like one of their sons is all about continuity of the story around a child’s blanket – they speak my language because I hate when shows do this – I notice!).



Having babies, this was the event that I most looked forward to, but unfortunately liked least. The space given to it on the yacht was crammed…and there weren’t options for those who weren’t totally interested in baby products to be for about the first 45 minutes. It made connections tougher than usual, but I think I faired okay. Stand out brands I met with were Tula (swoon!), Oilogic, Potette, Evenflo, DOM, Fresh Wave, and Dolphin Organics. More to come on these!


All day, an expo was set up on the 2nd and 3rd floors. There were more brands than I was able to get to, but an AMAZING selection. At conferences like this, you really have to plan your connections. The only thing I’d have changed about this time was that I would have wanted a map of the booths and a clearer communication about the time they were ending. (The event ran until 4:30, but some booths packed up at 3:45, meaning I really couldn’t get them all in.) So many cool things to bring your way, though!

Peanuts Keynote Lunch

We got to hear from Ginger Zee (of Good Morning America) and the voices of the Peanuts Movie cast. These kids are super! The boy who is the voice of Linus brought his blankie (which stayed with mom, but I got to see it because she was seated right in front of me). This was a really cool part of the event because of the personal connections with the actors and Ginger (who is also a pretty new mom who is back to work).

Snooki and JWOWW Keynote

I’ll say it – I was fangirling when I heard that Nicole (Snooki) and Jenni (JWOWW) from Jersey Shore and Snooki & JWOWW would be speaking at this event. (Hey, I’m an MTV kid late to the game!) They answered questions about life after their shows and as married, working moms. While we don’t have a ton in common, I felt like I was connecting with their responses and that all of us moms have similar struggles.

The pair wasn’t taking the boat rocking well, so the questions were cut short, but I was selected to have a question asked, so I got to take a photo with them afterwards. You know me and celeb photo opps, so yup, I did it.

Source: Blogger Bash / The Toy Insider

Shop Ireland

As an Irish girl, I enjoyed connecting with some brands from Ireland that were showcasing their products with us. The time was all too short and the space was tight, but I have a few fun posts coming your way in the next few months thanks to this event.

Closing Party

We were on a boat, after all, so what better way to end the event than a sailing on the Hudson River. After two full working days of smiling, connecting, and talking “shop”, it was good to let loose and enjoy some time with friends. We even went right past the Statue of Liberty just moments after Greg and the kids went by on the Staten Island Ferry.



Blogger Bash NYC 2016 was a blogging conference that I attended as professional development for my blog. I’ll be adding below links to opportunities that came about thanks to this event. Kudos to the team behind the event – it was awesome!

If you are a blogger and want to find out more, go to to keep informed about 2017!