The past few weeks, Greg has been cooking up an amazing surprise for my 30th and my Mom’s 60th birthdays. Let me just tell you, he did amazing. A group of my family and friends was able to join us at Paint Monkey to paint a premiere summery/beach painting inspired by Greg’s ideas and things I love. My heart was full. My belly was full of delicious cake from Megan of Dozen Bakeshop (Red Velvet–and even black fondant–she is AWESOME). It was a great time (and you can see more of the photos here or on Paint Monkey’s Facebook!).

IMG_7716 (Copy)

IMG_7741 (Copy)

IMG_7730 (Copy)
(How AWESOME is Jack’s custom work?)

IMG_7738 (Copy)

IMG_7705 (Copy)

IMG_7720 (Copy)

(PS, Happy Birthday, Mom!!!)

Thirty Days of Thankful and NaBloPoMo Day 28: Great-Great

Today is Great-Great’s birthday. We are so thankful to have my grandmother in our lives. She is the only living grandparent that Greg or I have. Arianna and ‘lil Man are blessed to have her, too.

It means a lot to us to spend Friday evenings with her, enjoying four generations being together under one roof. We’ll share stories of the week and sometimes reminisce with stories from the past.

Happy birthday, Grandma!

IMG_3890 (Copy)
(The plane my parents and their siblings had made for Grandma’s birthday, replicating the plane her first husband flew.)


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NaBloPoMo November 2012



You will always be my ‘lil Miss A, but you are turning into quite the big kid. Carrying you upstairs is becoming increasingly difficult because you are getting so tall. Your hair is getting so long (it feels like yesterday we worried you’d be bald for life). And your smarts? Well, let’s just say you scare me with how much you know.

In the past year, Daddy and I have watched you grow so much. You took your first ride on the Jack Rabbit (something Mama has never done). You help out with ‘lil Man every day. You are learning to buckle your carseat.

You bring so much love and laughter to this family, and really keep us on our toes. Believe Aunt Wink or not, you really are a ‘lil Becky.

Turning four is the move from a toddler to a big girl. Next thing we know, you’ll be going for sleepovers with friends and asking to borrow the keys to the car (too soon!). For now, we’ll cherish every moment of you being four, starting with your Pirate Princess birthday celebration.

We love you lots and can’t wait to see what joys FOUR brings to our world.


(Photo by Michelle)

Happy 18 Months, ‘lil Man!

‘lil Man,

Yesterday we celebrated not only Father’s Day, but your 18 month birthday! As usual, we sang to you lots, but this time, you chimed in, dancing and giggling.

Although you know a number of words, but your favorite word, by far, is NO. You love to use it, even when you mean yes (and we know you do based on your smiles and giggles). Of course, you’ve switched to using Mama as your second favorite word…do you remember when I was sad you weren’t using it? I promise I am trying not to be tired of it! 🙂

We’re still working on the stairs (you are quite spoiled and always ask, “Up?”) and wearing shoes. Good thing Daddy cleans up the yard! The sandbox is your favorite, but you do love to get in the pool, too.

Eating is probably your favorite activity, but you’re still lower in the weight range for your age. The other day, you weighed in at 23 pounds 13 ounces and were 31.5 inches tall.

‘lil Man, our love for you grows stronger every single day! Happy 18 months! xoxo


Our ‘lil girl is officially three years old (here at 9:53 PM). We’ve been celebrating all month (as we celebrate every day of our lives), but today was extra special.

When she woke up, we greeted her with a rousing round of “Happy Birthday to You” followed by breakfast in bed while snuggling with her brother. Then it was time to get ready for school and put on a frilly dress (her choice).

We loaded the car with her and her goodies, dairy free cupcakes with dairy free icing and little hugs for her friends and teacher. She and I made them last night, and from what she told her grandparents tonight on the phone, the cupcakes “had icing, SUGAR, and balls”. Every preschool teacher’s dream, right?

Of course, school was excited to celebrate her day. Her teacher gave her a certificate and a birthday princess hat (which I am sure she showed off her royalty plenty throughout the day).

After I got off work, we met up at the JCPenney to take some photos. I am going to be honest and say that she was scared and looked a little special in most of the 25 photos that they took, but there are a few gems worth sharing. After I get the thank you cards and mail them out (FYI–this will be around the 17th), I will post her thank you note photo. It’s classic, and you’ll appreciate the wait. A few snaps with ‘lil Man, too.

We finished off the night at Eat n’ Park where she had chicken fingers, fries, and a surprise lactose free ice cream birthday treat. What a way to welcome in 3!

Enjoy these photos from the day…and Happy Birthday ‘lil Miss A!