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Book Review: “A Perfect Word for Every Occasion”

This week, myself and some friends had heavy hearts for the loss of young lives, fathers, husbands, friends. It’s not easy to find the words to say in times like these, is it?

Liz Duckworth wrote A Perfect Word for Every Occasion, a great resource for words to say, regardless of the occasion. If you are into writing cards, calling friends, or interacting via social media, there are ideas in this book that will help with finding words to say. keep reading

Travelers Rest

We all know how much I appreciate good Christian fiction, and there are bonus points if that fiction is set in the south. Lucky me, Ann Tatlock recently wrote a book called Travelers Rest (published by Bethany House Publishers).

The story is set in Asheville, North Carolina where Jane Morrow is holding vigil by her war veteran fiance’s hospital bedside. Seth Ballantine was injured in duty while serving in Iraq with the National Guard. His spinal injury has put a halt on their wedding, and in many ways, life. Jane struggles with understanding why Seth wouldn’t want to go on trying to continue toward their dreams, and along the way, she meets several people who help her go through the process of coming to grips with Seth’s paralysis. keep reading