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City Mouse and Country Mouse Go Camping

If you have never gone camping, do it. If you have never gone camping with your best friend, do it. A few weeks ago, the City Mouse (me) and Country Mouse (my best friend, Missy) decided to go camping. We’d been camping before as kids with our parents for church camping weekends, but neither of us had ever gone camping “by ourselves” as adults. keep reading

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Bedtime Stories

Lil Miss A, who has not been feeling well today, has really been on her game. These two precious gems were shared with us, and now we’d like to share them with you.

After being tucked in for bed this evening…

‎”Daddy, here’s a starfish,” she said. “Mama, do you want one too?” Well of course. Holding my starfish tight while A drifts to dreamland. keep reading

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