Satisfying Appetite for Picky Eaters: A Doggy Post!

I still haven’t put my finger on whether our (newer) dog, Shadow, is embarrassed to eat in public or if she’s just a picky eater. She’ll sometimes munch on a few bites of her food and then leave the room. Usually during this time, Rowdy decides he’s going to sneak in and take her serving.

The good thing is that she’s not losing weight, so it can’t be that she’s all that picky.

It’s been pretty easy figuring out what Rowdy likes to eat–the answer to that is EVERYTHING. There’s really no best brand of dog food for him, but switching it up could also be a disaster. You know, just like kids have allergies, I think dogs can have sensitivities, too, right?

But, wouldn’t it be great if dogs, like children, could tell you whether they preferred chicken or beef? If they could tell you what the best brand of dog food might be would they? Do they want hearty meals at breakfast versus dinner? If only it were that easy.

Since I have one dog who loves to eat anything in sight and another who likes her privacy when eating, I probably don’t have overly picky eaters. Yet, I did have one who I had to search for the best brand of dog food for her and she still would pick through certain pieces to find exactly what she wanted. Treats worked well with this pup!

Do you have dogs that are picky eaters? If so, what are you doing to find the best brand of dog food for them?