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Reading Roundup: September


We’ve been sent several books to add to our reading collection. If you are looking for some great kids books, these all got a thumbs up from Arianna and Evan this past month. (All information in this reading roundup is from Sterling Publishing’s Kids’ Division. Their website is currently under construction; however, you can find them as a listed publisher here.) Happy Reading! keep reading

Too Much Smarshmellows?


Tonight my parents came over for homemade pizza and a visit…my how the kids missed them! They acted like it had been 4 years since they saw their grandparents…lil Man kept running up to Grammie to say hi.

After dinner, we played in the toy room and then I made s’mores (without chocolate). Lil Man apparently had too many smarshmellows tonight…he is still going strong and giggling while blowing me kisses. keep reading