The Banana Exchange



There’s nothing worse than getting to work, realizing you forgot your banana at home, and having to buy a green one from the fruit bowl. (Okay, maybe there is.) But you know what’s better? When you have a dear friend who is willing to participate in the banana exchange so no banana gets left behind.

You see, I HATE green bananas with a passion. They don’t taste right and take too much effort to chew. But that banana up there with a few beautiful brown freckles? Amazing. Perfect. Delicious. I am not talking ready for banana bread brown, but I am talking slightly soft and freckled. What’s so bad about that?

Apparently something. Jess will not go near one of those “gross” things, so she has been known to throw them away. I may have been known to dig these beauties out of the trash. She’s learned her lesson. And I learned mine. If I have a green banana, I will wait and see if Jess has one she’d rather toss. We engage in the banana exchange and both end up happy.

Chime in–what’s the perfect banana look like for you?