Giveaway: BabyDam Bathtub Divider

We are still struggling to get the twins to enjoy bathtime. Did you heve this issue with your ‘lil ones? After hearing about the BabyDam Bathtub Divider, we are wondering if it will make bathtime just a wee bit more fun. This is a pretty awesome baby product that keeps water from filling up the whole tub.

If you would like to give this nifty product a try, our friends over at MamatheFox are having a giveaway for one. Scroll down and check it out!

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A retail value of $45!

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Glow in the Dark Pacifier Clip

Enter disclaimer text Ava received a Glow in the Dark Pacifier Clip set in exchange for her mommy writing this post.

Glow in the Dark Pacifier Clip

It sounds totally crazy to have a glow in the dark pacifier clip, but in the week or so Ava’s been using it, the invention has found it’s worth in my book.


This pacifier clip set, from Baby Goose, contains three double-sided ribbon pacifier clips. They loop-hook to baby’s pacifier and clip to their close. The bonus? They glow in the dark…so when baby throws the paci out of their crib at night, tired moms and dads can find it easily!

The set of three pacifier clips came in handy just in a week of use. 1) Ava covered one in cheese-ball orange flakes. It was a quick and easy swap from one clip to the other. The hook-knot loop feature that hooks to her neenie (pacifier) makes this quick and easy. 2) She’s throwing it less and her sister hasn’t figured out how to pull  it off her. The clip is sturdy had hasn’t damaged her clothing. 3) When she does get the clip loose and the room is dark, we can quickly find it thanks to the glow feature.

Gifting for someone? This clip set is a good choice if the baby is using a pacifier. It’s cute, too. There’s a themed set for boys and one for girls. Both are two-sided with coordinating prints.

Ava’s happy, so Mama’s happy! (Don’t let her silly face fool you!)

glow in the dark pacifier set

Baby Sitter Infant Development Cushion

New baby product alert! I was browsing Instagram and came across another unique baby item, the Baby Sitter™ Infant Development Cushion. It is launching online and in stores over this weekend, so I was asked to help spread the word. The info below is from their press release, so check it out and share with your loved ones with lil ones.

If you’re like me and love interacting on Instagram, check them out at


New Baby Sitter™ Infant Development CushionHelps Strengthen Core Muscles as Babies Master Early Gross Motor Skills


Since the American Academy of Pediatrics began its recommendation that infants sleep on their backs, there have been 50 percent less incidents of sudden infant death syndrome. Unfortunately the side effect is that most infants are not getting the tummy time needed to develop their neck, trunk and core muscles causing delays in gross motor skills like sitting up, crawling and walking. Child development expert, Diane Gowaty has partnered with Slickview Studios to address this common problem with the launch of the Baby Sitter infant development cushion.

Baby Sitter Infant Development Cushion

Differing from an infant positioner which supports a baby’s back but restricts their overall movement, The Baby Sitter is a firm doughnut-shaped cushion that promotes and facilitates the natural process of a baby’s gross motor development skills. When the infant is placed in the center well of the Baby Sitter, they are encouraged to push or kick against the interior wall which helps strengthen the core muscles required for sitting up, crawling and eventually walking. The circular flat surface can also be used for tummy time to help strengthen the neck and back muscles supporting the baby and allowing them to look out. Once the child has mastered sitting up on their own, its soft yet firm design provides a support as they pull themselves to a stand.

The Baby Sitter infant development cushion is 5-inches tall and 24-inches in diameter with a 12-inch cutout circle in the center. It is constructed of flame retardant polyurethane foam wrapped in a soft flannel fabric. It also includes three round inserts which fit snuggly in the cutout for use during different developmental stages. With all three inserts, the Baby Sitter can be used as a changing surface for infants or as a play mat for toddlers or preschoolers. When one insert is removed, it offers support for an infant whom is just starting tummy time or still requires neck and head support.

“One of the best attributes of the Babysitter is its ability to find new uses with the help of mothers and babies everywhere”, said Diane Gowaty, inventor of the Baby Sitter. “What I love is its versatility as the cushion’s life span grows from early development for newborns by providing a safe place for propping up, and even has found its way to being used as a play space and floor cushion with older kids.”

Gowaty also uses the Baby Sitter in philanthropic support to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The company recycles the excess materials from production to create stuffed animals which are available for purchase with 100% of the proceeds donated to the JDRF.

The base Baby Sitter cushion is available for $60. The complete Baby Sitter Gift Set includes the base cushion, three foam inserts, and a removable fabric cover for $85. Additional removable and washable fabric covers are sold separately ($25MSRP).

The Baby Sitter is available for purchase online at and will soon be available at various retail stores.


This post was not compensated or sponsored. 

Twin Tip Tuesday: Cut Them Nails

Enter disclaimer text (Thanks, BabyComfyNail!)

Welcome to Twin Tip Tuesdaya brand new feature to help all you twin (+) parents with raising happy & healthy twins! Have a must-have for twin parenting? Let me know!

Isla, our youngest twin, was born with crazy long nails. Our pediatrician suggested not to cut the twins’ nails when they were newborns because cutting the nails actually cuts tender baby skin. Ouch!

The time has come to start cutting them, though. Ava has a fascination with her sister’s hands. Isla has a fascination with her sister’s face and mommy’s chest. The scratches Ava and I endure day in and day out had to stop. BabyComfyNail actually came my way at just the right time to put an end to our misery!

babycomfynailA single-blade makes cutting baby’s nails fast and easy. There’s a plastic part that pushes back that tender baby skin and just one blade to clip baby’s nail. I tested it out on my nails first, and got a little worried. My nails are kind of thick, so it didn’t clip as nicely as I hoped. The only thing left to do was to try it on my baby and see if it lived up to my expectations, so of course, I did the motherly thing and “attacked” when she was sleepy. 20150807_192658

I got the eyeballs, but I didn’t get the tears because BabyComfyNail did the job! Isla now has safe nails…and Mama has a line of defense against her big brother’s nails, too!

Isla’s nails BEFORE BabyComfyNail!

This baby product is definitely a must for parents of twins because it simplifies the nail cutting process with ergonomic design and efficiency. This equals more time to cut BOTH babies’ nails!

You can find BabyComfyNail at for $14.99.