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Tray Haven

 When you have babies and dogs, who eats more of lunch – your kids or your dogs? In our house, it’s totally the dogs. That’s why I was excited to test out Tray Haven, a mesh barrier between your child’s highchair tray and your dining room floor. keep reading

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Just Between Friends: Greater Pittsburgh Sale

This spring, I am partnering with Just Between Friends to bring you information on their seasonal children’s and maternity consignment sale events. All opinions are my own. ()

Jed & Kelly Robie, parents of four and owners of Just Between Friends Pittsburgh, know what it’s like to raise a family of four kids (like us). It can be expensive, but they say it doesn’t have to be. Their seasonal consignment sales across the area bring ways for families to shop with confidence, at a good price, and even make money by consigning outgrown kid gear and clothing. keep reading

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Funky Giraffe


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When I look in the mirror, I still see a new mom, but when I look at my babies (who are now 7 months old!), I realize that my days of using that as my tagline are fast fading. Regardless of how I look, how much the girls grow, or what my reality is, I still feel like a new mom and still suffer from pangs of postpartum anxiety. keep reading

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Double Bassinet Playpen

Before they outgrow it, I want to show you the double bassinet playpen that Ava and Isla were gifted by my (awesome) co-workers.

This playpen from Graco is portable, has two bassinets (with sun guards!), and can also be used as a regular playpen once your babies outgrow the bassinet feature. My girls are oh so close to that, boo! keep reading

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Smart Connect™ Cradle ’n Swing


Is it possible for a 4-month-old to fall in love with something? Because if so, that’s exactly what Miss Isla Joy did with the 4-in-1 Smart Connect™ Cradle ’n Swing from Fisher-Price. It was love at first sight when we met the team at Blogger Bash NYC, and we clearly had to get our hands on one. It was absolute zen from our girl who has a 10-minute limit for holding still. keep reading

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